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The Journey To Find Home


The Journey To Find Home

The ship Astrum sailed the Heavens, surrounded by clouds of white and skies of blue. The Sun’s flame powered the ship as young boys would play high above. The people below them even thought they were angels, as they were performing with such joy and innocence!

The young boys would go to different adventures, learning new things.

Like in the North with the blistering cold, where they played in the plush snow and watched the snowflakes, looking at the Winter that blanketed the mountains.

Like in the East with the strong heat, where they danced with the dunes and saw the colors more lush than what they have ever seen, wonders of the Ancient World!

Like in the West with the wet weather, where they splashed around in the rain, looking at the blessings coming down from the Heavens.

Like in the South with the dry land, where they discovered the different animals and tamed them, befriended them.

Like in the Day with the brightness of the light, where they sing cheerfully and pranced around with a beautiful rhythm.

Like in the Night with the twinkle of the stars and the Lights of the Spirits so vibrant, where they sleep and dream peacefully of the exciting adventures they would get into.

However, the youngest of the boys no longer wish to travel. He felt tired of hopping from place to place, he wanted to find a somewhere to live among with his Brothers. “Leader!” he asked, “Where shall we lay our heads to rest after our Voyage of the Universe?” The Leader of the boys laughed, “Where else, young Brother? We have our ship and that’s enough!” The boy thought long and hard, how should they find a place to stay forever?

“Leader! Leader!”

“Yes, Brother?”

“ I have heard of a wonderful place talked about by the stars!”

This held the attention of everyone aboard the Astrum as the young Brother continued. “I heard of a place where all of the best fruits are planted, all available to eat! And the water so clear and clean that as you swim, the water will never get dirty!”

One Brother exclaimed, “Oh yes! I’ve heard such a place! Where all the animals are kind and the forests so wise!” Other Brothers told tales of such a beautiful and perfect place.

It was called Home.

“Yes, my fellow Brothers!” The Leader cried, “We shall find Home!”

Ever so jolly and ever so merry were the boys of Astrum as through Day and Night, they played and danced in the skies. Boys would hop on their unicycles and ride on them, as they performed amazing tricks and acrobatic acts.

The Leader looked through his telescope as he found a land. The trees so tall providing shade, bushes growing delectable berries, the dolphins greeting them with their calls, and the sea was to gorgeous and vast! Such beauty that felt so surreal!

They have found it! They have found Home!


The youngest Brother in the orphanage woke up from his dream as he held a toy ship close to his heart, the only precious thing he had with him. He heard a knock on the door and it opened to reveal the Head Boy of the Astrum Boys’ Academy, the Leader. He smiled warmly at the young Brother, “Be happy, Brother! You have found home.”

The youngest Brother smiled.

He finally found Home.

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