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The Revolt Chapter 2

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The Revolt Chapter 2

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By the end of the day, everyone was out of breath and exhausted dragging their feet as they’re shoved back towards the shed that they call home. As everyone gets in an uneasy sense of safety washes over them, and slump to the cold floor exhausted as the enforcers chain everyone back to the wall. Most people accept the cold embrace of the chain, as they knew it meant rest was near. But the few who still fought the binding were quickly overpowered by the enforcers, who left them with fresh scars. The room fell quiet as they went, the only thing that could be heard was the heavy breathing of the slaves. Linkton turns his attention to the slave next to him.

“Whelp might as well get this started.” He said as he reaches under his shackle and pulled out his lock pick and undid his lock. As the shackle gave a satisfying click, he stood up and looked towards the slave to his left. “You want out? Do you want to leave this hell?” Linkton knew what the slave would say, but still, he just thought he should get across what he was offered right away. The slave node his head as Linkton dug in his cut-up pants and pulled out a key that he took from the head enforcer room. “Undo everyone-” Before he could finish the slave undid himself and jump up to do everyone else, but linkton grab his arm. “Wait here, there will be people coming with weapons.” He turns towards the entire group that looks confused by the turn of events. “If you want to help us fight for your freedom, we have spare weapon with everyone.”

Some of the younger eyebrow narrow as they gave a node to him, he sighs with relief to see some would fight with them. He quickly left the shack to single the rest of his family and their allies. He slowly crept through the familiar trials towards the fields closes towards the enforcers building. He cut through the area to a grand oak that stood overwatching both the ground and the enforcer's structures. As he reaches the base of the tree on top of the hill, he dug underneath a red rose that reviled a sack that had a single crystal of alum in it. Holding it tightly in his hand, he started towards the enforcer's houses as they light their bonfire.

He slowly made his way down the hill, going from boulder to bush to twig, anything he could hide most of his body and remain close to the ground in the shadows. His plus starts to speed up the closer he got to the bonfire until he crouches with only a couple of bushes in between him and the enforcers enjoying the heat from it. He shifted uncomfortably on his toes as the thought of the slaves leaving or trying to attack without weapons, though he wouldn’t blame, especially if they left. The enforcers went about their night without a care as they gathered around the fire Linkton thought that he would never get an opening. After a couple of minutes pass a girl scream could be heard from the building around the fire. Before he could look around for the source, the naked girl burst out a door, with a half-naked enforcer follow quickly.

As all the enforcer laugh and focus on the commotion they were surprised when their bonfire, turn from a bright light red, into a dark and gloomy green. They all turn confused as torches appear in the forest surrounding them. As shadow creep away through the woods and the girl takes the opportunity to towards the torch’s away from this cursed place. The green flame seems to light for miles Linkton knew that his father would have already moved on the enforcers main building, while his Mother would start moving slaves and give weapon out to those who would fight. As he was heading back towards the shacks, he ran into his uncle Richard, leading a group of twenty adventures that had agreed to help.

“Uncle!” Linkton shouts out, as the pass. Richard was a knight trainer that was known as a lord slayer. He always wears the best armor, and anyone who trained by him, have gone far with his guidance.

“Ah, Linkton. Come with us your mother will send the slaves with weapons to the main building. For now, we need to clear the path for them.” He pulled a spar longsword of his back and handed it to Linkton, who wasn’t to impress with the blade it was just a plane steel longsword. Nothing like Richards sword which was decorative with ruby and other gems that made his blade shimmer in the moonlight. Richard didn’t wait for an answer from him and continue to jog by as the group of adventures followed suit, dress in some regular leather armor and shields and swords.

“You think a lord will be here, I feel strange magic here.” Richard frowned as he notices the unease in the air as well. “A lord would be a problem.” He said again as Ricard pass, and everyone gathers around him, not really caring about any enforcers as the new threat haunt their minds. Lords were summoned by spiral mages, a group of mages that come from the spiral tower at Ark. No one knows who they are or why the summon the dead heroes, sadly no one been able to locate where the headquarter is due to the hostility of spiral. Though if a lord was summoned it would cause the caster to be near death state, unable to move.“The fuck is a lord?” Another adventure speaks up, people turn towards him with a surprised.

“Lords are fallen heroes and slayer that brought back from the dead to do the caster biding. Though not much is know of the process, other then it involves laying some type of rune on the ground. Plus it seems the dead have no memory other than their fighting skills. Not even the Mages in Ark completely understand them.” Richard rub his head as he thought of the trouble that a lord would be before shaking his head, “No point in standing here with our dick in our hands, let's head to the center house, we’ll get our answer there.”

It wasn’t long until they ran into a group of enforcer standing guard at the front of the building. At first, they seemed confused by the small band of strangers in front of them, but as they all thought back to the green flame, they all knew what was happening and pulled out their clubs, and spears. Linkton knew that the enforcers were untrained and could barely even use their clubs probably and it was quite clear they had not trained with a spear as they charge towards them loosely holding their spears to low on the stick. As Linkton had thought, the fight end quickly, he didn’t get to fight. Richard took three of them on his own, and the last two fell quickly when it came to one on one with the adventures. Richard looked towards the small one-story building, with some confuse look across his face.

“Have the windows always been boarded up like that?” Richard point towards the building windows that had been broken and boards nailed across them. Linkton raised his eyebrows in a surprise of the state of the house, he thought the slave master would live here? They all walk around the house before meeting back in front, even a couple of the adventures broke off some boards from a window and walk around inside, and claimed that it must be abandoned since last harvest season. As they talk in the front, a group of slaves from the shacks arrived alongside Linkton father and his soldiers, that was mostly a large group of hunters. Linkton father joins them as the hunter stay a distance back chatting amongst themselves, and the slave went and explored the abandoned building.

“Well, this place isn’t what we expected.” He points at the building briefly, as a couple of slaves climb in through a window.

“Your right, it seems like the head person is giving orders from another place,” Richard said as he single for some of his adventures to look around the property, as Richard turn back to as about Linkton mother, a faint purple light emerges from the abandoned building, as panic slaves start fleeing out of any window. They all turn towards the building as a Purple glow appeared, but as they stare at it, it seems to intensify and gets to the point where they have to raise their hand to block it from their eyes.

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