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the run-away


the run-away

Chapter 1

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Chapter1: Agony

People say time heals everything but that can't be farther from the truth. The saying that things get better over time is a lie. I know first hand that these sayings are a lie things have gotten worse over the years. My name is trenatee and here's my side of life.

At this very second I'm sitting on my balcony religiously looking over my sholder. Checking to make sure my stepdad Kyle don't come home.

Click. A door shuts somewhere behind me. Before I could even turn around I Feel a pair of cold hands in me.

"Why don't we go and play a game before your mom comes home?" His voice is rough and cracked so I know better than to object.

That doesn't stop my thoughs. How about not. I bite my tongue to keep from saying any thing aloud.

Kyle picks me up and carried me to my room. Laying me on my bed he slowly unbuttoned his jeans. I stare at toe cealing waiting for the horror to end.

"Let's have some fun." He wispers in my ear.

When he's finished he tells me to wash up. I obay.

Before I get in the bath I stare At the merror I stare at my reflection. I see another fifteen year old girl with long straight blonde hair and sea green eyes, Above all that I see an advrage person aside from all the bruises and swelling.

I punch the merror hard. shattering the glass and watching it as it falls to the floor.

Finally I get in the tub. once I'm out I get dressed quick and hide out in my room for the rest of the night.

the next morning I see my mom before she leaves.

"Can I talk to you?" My voice was cracked

"Sure whatever but make it snappy!"

I bite my tongue to keep from saying something I may regret.

"Kyle raped me again and I can't take it any more I need your help."

"No one has time for your bullshit." She was rolling her eyes before I even finished. Her hand swatted in my drection like there was a fly there or something I knew that was my que to leave.

i climb to the roof and wedge my self between the outbring of one window and the next. Then I Bring my knees to my chest and sob. This os the only safe place at the house.

The same ill ritten thought runs through my mind: my own mother don't even believe me.

With my breath shaky and uneven I press the razor blade deep in to my skin popping every vain in it's path.

After about six hours on the roof I climb down knowing Kyle will be home any minute.

My heart beats fast and my stomach turns. I know I fucked up I forgot to make dinner.

" Trenatee get down here now! " Kyle screams.

"Yes?" My voice sounds weak compared to his.

"Where in the hell is my dinner?"

"I forgot I'm sor-"

He wasn't hearing it with his habd raised he punched me in the face hard. Then before I could put up my hands he sends a left hook straight at me and I went straight to the ground. Kyle didn't stop there he throws a kick at my ribcage making ne gasp for air. Then another to my nose and mouth.

He grabbed me dragging me off the floor. When he did a stabbing pain went through my ribs. I clenched my teeth to keep from screaming but thst didn't stop the tears that clouded my vision.

Still holding on to my arm he took out his lighter amd turned my arm over to look at the cuts on my wrist. He flicked on his lighter and begain to burn starting wih the deepest cut.

Even clenched teeth couldn't keep me from screaming.

Then my vision went completely black.

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