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The Semideus

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The Semideus

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I am standing, with all other of the teens infront of the Olympus gates.

All of the others are screaming. One word: annoying.

A thunder roared from the skies.


"Today is the annual test for the Semideuses or the Olympian Games!" he said, with a voice full of authority.

Everyone shouted. Others cried, it may be tears of excitement or fear.

"As you know, this is a test of ability, knowledge and courage," he continued.

And again, they shouted.

"But you know the consequences," they kept silent about what he said.

"Pass! And you will have the privelege to seek and witness the world of Greek Mythology," then everyone cheered.

"Or fail, and fate will decide whether you die. Or continue your normal life as mortals." And because of that, they gasped in fear.

"Expect the unexpected mortals. For your first challenge, find the light and never die," he said before vanishing to thin air.

And in just one snap, the gates opened.

Everyone ran towards the gate.

While I, still standing infront of the gate, watch them run and pass by me. Some tripped themselves, and I just closed my eyes for their foolishness. But are they really fools? Or are they just desperate to see the Greek World, the gods.

I want to see it too. so, I bit my lip and ran. I looked above and a hint of lightning showed up. Oh no, I need to run away from it. 

I ran away there and fell. I looked and where I was before, a man was struck by the lightning that was supposed to hit me. I closed my eyes in fear and stood up.

I looked around, all the others failed and got struck by the lightning. But not me.

I still need to run, I'm halfway there, I told myself. I was seriously running until I jumped in surprise because of the lightning, which appeared in front of me. Gladly, it didn't take me.

I turned and started running again. Find the light, I recalled what Zeus said. And then, I saw a light not far away from here.

I am a meter away from the light, but I stopped. Why is it not blinding? It mutsn't be real light, this is artificial light. I looked at the sky.


A lightning appeared, before I could realize things, I was hit.

I laughed before my vision was darkened. Light struck but darkness consumed me.

The Semideus
by lostmortals
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