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The Shadow World

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The Shadow World

Chapter 1

In my dreams I see nothing but darkness. When I’m awake I see the darkness looking at me.No, not the darkness but the shadows, they seem to watch my every movement. The strange thing was that my own shadow seemed nonexistent, like everyone cast darkness when the sun shined. With me I was like glass, only sunlight where the darkness/shadows were supposed to be. The shadows they were like beings from another world their pale red eyes that no one else seems to see. The other children made fun of me saying oh look a walking shadow or where’s your shadow Mr. Glass. In my mind I see the blood rolling down their skin from where it looks like spines or swords made of shadows pierced through their bodies but that’s just my dreams. As I walk through the place gray streets of my desolated home town I can’t help but wonder why me is there some purpose to my life or am I the freak without a shadow. I sigh, what’s life without death, and what’s death without pain, blood, and screams. A searing pain erupts in my head. These pains happen more frequently, like someone or something wants to escape. As another one hits me I laugh the pains is so hilarious. The feeling of something smacking into my skull feels so great.I began to cough up blood. The warm liquid flowed from between my lip. It seemed to drip down my chin making a small pool on the floor below. The pain in my lungs from coughing has subsided for now. I stand up on shaky legs and walk towards the door but black dots started forming in the corner of my eyes. As I stopped walking my knees buckled and sent me falling face first into the concrete floor.

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jazmin @jazminhunt28c9
wow! i love it1 you should tottally check out my books on here and on wattpad. my wattpad name is Kinda_ wierd
tazia @Bonnie
Not bad Chris. Work on chapter two and check out Forever Wanting written by me