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The Starry Night - Introduction -


The Starry Night - Introduction -

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Picking seats are even complicated than I thought.
Some of the seats are empty, some are full.

The corner I sat in is a very quite corner.
There is almost no one to disturb me.

Almost all 30 students in the class turned as a girl walks in.

I awakened to a surprise.
The black hair and the aroma that is in the air made my head clear.
I sat up and saw her.

That girl I met in the park in Christmas.

As she walk past me, the black hair with the lovely smell of shampoo and her perfect shape is even beautiful than when I met her in the park.

She walked past me, sat behind me and looked up.
Everyone is staring at her.

Sighing, I wonder if I was the right fit for her.

The teacher wanted us to introduce each other.
As classmates introduce themselves, I begin to wonder that should I say.

Should I make up a story?
Or should I just tell the truth.

Simple, simple as possible, I told myself.

I was still wondering when the teacher called my name.

I stood up and said:"

Hello. My name is Arata Ishida.
I hope to get a lone with you all."

No one clapped.

I sat down, feeling relieved. But I feel a gaze on my shoulder.

The girl is looking at me.

The teacher called out: "Akiyo Hayashi"

I listened to her introduction.

"Hello, my name is Akiyo Hayashi!
I love sports and studies like Science and Math.
I play the piano and I also like astronomy.
Feel free to talk to me anytime!"

Everyone clapped.

The difference is even larger I thought.

But the gaze is still on my shoulder.
I wonder what she is thinking right now.

My introduction is not that bad, its just simple. I thought to myself.

As the class continued on, her gaze left me. She focused on what the professor is teaching instead of me.

I said: Good to myself.
Then I also start making notes.

As the class ends, I flipped my note book through 2 pages and try to study them.

The next class is coming soon Arata, focus on what you want to be.

Again, I sighed and thought if I was the right choice for her.

The class continued on...

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