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The Stars Above


The Stars Above

Chapter 1

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It's a magical night, but for Laila Faustina, it's the loneliest.

Her parents died in a car accident.

Her twin brother went missing.

And their lovely house became ashes.

She stared at their own house with her eyes full of emotions. Before the cops arrive, she planned to leave. She doesn't want to be involved with this heartbreaking tragedy anymore.

She decided to leave her heart, too.

What is the purpose of living if your reason is gone?

Laila walked 'til she reached the shore. She closed her eyes the moment she felt the cold water on her feet. This feeling is refreshing and calming, yet it didn't turn back the time. The time when everyone's still happy. She wished that the time would just stop right there. So that everything is still okay.

But the time flows just like water. Time flows just like tears.

And you just have to accept everything.

It's painful. It hurts. It's the worst.

The feelings exploded. She screamed and cried, all night, until she lost her voice."Why? Why?" she kept repeating those words, over and over again.

Suddenly, a white-dressed lady hugged and comforted her. She cried even more."Why are you crying, little lady?" the tears won't stop, but Laila faced her."I'm all alone now," her voice cracked. The lady smiled warmly at her,"Will you come with me?" she took her hand, and walked with her. In that moment, her heart became numb.

They finally arrived at a large house made of wood. It's bright, and you could hear the noise from the inside. She looked at the lady beside her, confused.

"Welcome to your new home," the lady smiled once again before she was interrupted by a young boy, the same as her age. He has the most beautiful eyes she'd ever seen. It's full of emotions, unlike her. The boy grinned at her,"My name's Luther!" he kissed the back of her hand. She stopped moving.

Her heart thumped.

"Luther!" the lady warned him but he didn't mind her. He continued to stare at Laila,"What's your name?" before she could reply, another boy interrupted again,"Welcome back, Miss Penelope--oh! Who is she?" the new boy looked at her and smiled, although Luther covered his whole face. She almost chuckled at their playfulness.

"Laila," she replied with a low voice. Still, they heard it clearly."You have a beautiful name," the lady said. After that, she took them inside the house. She was even more surprised.

It's full of people. There's a campfire at the center, and they surrounded it while dancing, laughing, and rejoicing. It was a joyful night.

Laila looked around again. But the traces of the house was nowhere to be found. It was a complete, different place. It's like...

They're in a forest. A magical forest.

Miss Penelope, Luther, and the new boy faced her,"Welcome to Cassiopeia."

This is the beginning.

© Aquarius, 2019. All rights reserved.

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