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The Stone Bridge in Autumn

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The Stone Bridge in Autumn

by Default avatar Darius Queenan 4 mins.

Adon Rogers is a young black man walking alone in the forest. He lives alone in a small house in a town populated by no more than 30,000 residents. He didn't have much of a job, getting money by doing odd jobs and selling his artwork for $30 a piece. He often dreamed of becoming a famous name in the music world. He had a remarkable voice. The trouble was, he was unable to even put together a song. And so he was walking down the stone path, passing an attractive woman walking her dog, dressed in leather jack and red skirt, an unusual autumn outfit. The air was somewhat cold and the sky was filled with silver or cool gray clouds that blocked the sky of the setting sun. He had a lot on his mind, but he didn't think, he just headed towards the stone bridge. When he finally got there, he just stared down into the water, staring into his own reflection. He didn't feel much like seeing himself and so he looked ahead into the short distance the river had until taking a turn in the forest.

The wind blew...and there was the soothing silence. The air was very cold, but the young Adon had done his best to bundle up, even with the few clothes he had in his wardrobe. He was doing his best to save money, buying only one new pair of pants or two whenever he could afford it. It was pure silence and the only thing Adon did...was relax.

Then he gets a pat on the back. He turns around and he sees a woman. She was woman with merely the same height as he was. She was in a mostly black dress, had brown hair, was white. Her skin was pale. Adon asked if the woman needed help. The woman just smiled and Adon was getting puzzled about it. She asked Adon to introduce himself to her and he did. In return the woman never told him her name. She just grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him towards her. She whispers something in his ear. She spoke really fast, but Adon couldn't make of it. He didn't even know what language the woman was saying. After she was done with her little speech, she walks straight ahead. Adon was confused at first but he got his thoughts back in good order, scratched the scalp between his dreads and walked ahead too. When he got home he felt very energetic. He went to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. Once he did, he started singing.

And he kept at it...

Sooner in life Adon was a very wealthy person as a result of his singing, his drawing, and even his writing expertise. He was an artist in every sort of way. He began living in a house on his own as he wanted to take a break from all of the fame he had gotten during all these years of being a popular figure in the entertainment industry. But he soon got bored from it and he wanted to live the quiet life again. He wrote and sang his last song, released his last novel, painted and sold his last picture and then went back into the house he built to live out the rest of his life. He was done.

And so another autumn came, except Adon was not in the same town he was in before. It was very different. But no matter how different the location was, each town had an elm street, which meant that each town had a stone bridge connecting the paths in all four seasons, autumn included. So Adon just kept at walking, thinking to himself, being a gentleman, having gotten everything he wanted and needed in his life as a result of his fame which he was now seeking to get away from. Then he looked ahead and saw somebody. It was a white woman. She had black hair, had a hooded jacket, and was smoking. She was shivering since her coat wasn't thick enough to keep her warm. Adon walked upon the bridge very carefully. He leaned upon the stone railing. The woman just looked into her own reflection in the river, feeling very sad.

"What's wrong? Are you cold?"

The woman didn't answer.

"You seem very sad."

-"I'm leaving my mother." The woman said. "Her and her trashy boyfriend."

Adon looked upon one of the woman's wrists and saw that she had cut herself. He could tell that she had lived a very dismal life.

"I don't mean to pry." Adon said. "But why the self-inflicted injury?"

-"Oh what's it to you?" The girl asked. "Why are you involved with me now? I feel like shit! Leave me alone! I've got too much on my mind and I'm trying to think about what I must do and where I must go in life. I can't be interrupted by people with the likes of you."

-"I'm sorry." Adon said. "But what is it that you want to do in life?"

"I want to be an artist." The woman said. "I want to be able to raise money off my work. I just can't seem to get to it, because I'm all lonely and screwed up. My mom drinks too much and her boyfriend tries to give me too much love. I don't need any love, so just go away!"

Adon didn't say anything else. He just looked away as the girl looked into the water at her own reflection. He commenced walking straight ahead. But when he was nearing the girl's left, he stopped. He leans forward and whispers into her ear.

"Life is hell...but you can be an angel."

Upon saying, he walks ahead. The girl turns around, but had already crossed the bridge. At first she was confused. She didn't know what to think. She understood what the man said, but it was so strange. She pauses, but then she looks at her hands and the cigarette in one. After doing some thinking, she flicks the lit cigarette into the river, stops shivering even now that she was feeling warm and then goes on ahead walking away.

Her misery had ended.

© Darius Queenan, 2019. All rights reserved.

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This work of fiction is based on a painting I was imagining.


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