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The Strongest Hero


The Strongest Hero

Chapter 1

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"I'M THE STRONGEST MONSTER!" Hissed the, ironically, dragon level threat named king serpent. "What?" The gigantic dragon looked down. "Your really the strongest monster?" Says the same, dull voice. The dragon level threat looked down at a bald, normal looking human in a blue tracksuit. "YES, AND I'M HERE TO GRIND YOUR BONES TO DUST." King serpent was surprised and infuriated when the human said: "Neato." The dragon's gigantic tail came crashing down on the man. It was shocked when it felt it's tail being lifted up. The bald man said,"Aw... I guess you aren't the strongest after all....." The human then promptly took hold of the tail and hurled the dragon into the upper atmosphere.


"Hey Genos, i'm home!" said the bald man. You see, this man is no ordinary man, he is one of the most powerful beings in existence. His name? Saitama. His disciple, Genos, an overeager cyborg, quickly ran over to his master and took his bags of groceries from him. "Master, are you aware that these eggs are crushed?" Asked Genos. Saitama replied,"they must have gotten crushed when that dragon monster tried to kill me with it's tail... Genos asked,"And i presume you defeated this monster effortlessly again, Master? "Yep..." Saitama replied in a bored voice.

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