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The Truth of Fate


The Truth of Fate

by Image Maliana D. 1 min.

I log on my Facebook account, not daring to look at the hate messages for being me. Insane. Mentally sick, they say.

They don't understand.

They don't understand what goes on beyond the walls of school, don't care how bad someone's life is out of school. All they care about is ruining peoples social lives. They don't understand what I know. They don't understand that the world's whole fate is in my hands.

The problem is, fate keeps slipping out of my hands. I could destroy the galaxies and cosmos, the milky way to black holes.

Well, the reason it keeps slipping is social life. Media. If they keep going with this, I swear I'll drop fate on purpose.

But do they want to hear that?

Probably not.

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