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The Wanderlust Child


The Wanderlust Child

Chapter 1

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I finally got out of the foster home and now I'm living with a lady named Miss Ester who is taking me to London to live with her family in Notting Hill (I've heard about the apartments that look the same, would you imagine?).

I was born in Arizona and raised in Nevada. But my father got fired from his job. So my family moved place to place till my mother had cancer and died during winter. So, after that, y father could not raise both me and Nissa and we were both sent to the foster home in California. But I heard that my father went missing after that.

One year later, my sister was taken to New York with a newlywed couple. That as is how I'm alone.

Now it's time for me to stop being upset and start a new life in the other side of the world with a woman n her sixties (who is really nice though). But one thing changed my life... forever.

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This is just the prologue for now, I'll be really working on it.


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Ian_Ward @I. D'arc Pendragon
I like your story, but it's a little short. Then again, I'm not one to be talking about short chapters. I hope that you continue this book soon! And great job!
Daveigh @K.D.R.B.

I will, just I need a few more touches on Susan and the other characters