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The wrestler's son


The wrestler's son

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The adventures starts as a young boy growing up in Hawaii and his friend cruse the beaches of Hawaii and scam tourist. The father teaches his son old school and blunt morals. Never staying in one place for long, the lack of stability takes it toll on family life and marriage. The father changes from a unpredictable alcoholic to a born again Christian. When the mother will not accept the same lifestyle of a religious fanatic the marriage dissipates. Both parents come to terms with the break up and the 2 girls of the family go with the mother to start a separate life in Canada. Meanwhile the boys stay with the father in Minnesota. This is a true story(Autobiography). The story is full of many of the dark yet humorist situations The father attempts a failed comeback as a wrestler, and the son goes to one of the best acting schools in the U.S.

I am trying to keep the story as real as possible and I am writing the same version as a novel now that the screenplay is completed

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Sophie @sophiemacdonald
I think it is a great story all the way. (Watch out for spelling mistakes!) The characters will really take part in this story
Carlos @carlos
Hello Monte. I think this is a rather interesting and unique background for a story - which I guess is the reason you are motivated to tell this story both in a screenplay format as well as a novel? I take Hawaiian Boy is an excerpt from the actual novel, whilst here you are trying to tell what the setting for the story is? I do like your writing style and do find this rather unique. I guess the past that's missing for me is the how you put everything together in terms of having a balanced plot structure and mix for all of the elements present in the story... That is what I can't tell you have it right or not, because you are either providing too broad a setting (here) or just providing a snapshot of a scene (through Hawaiian Boy) that reveals your narrative style and writing skills (though I would revise the grammar and editing there so as to make sure it's perfect) but still doesn't provide the reader with a good sense of what takes place in your story. Best of luck!
Monte @montesjoberg

Thanks for the feedback! It helps me look at my work from a different view. Sounds like you real See more