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There's No Going Back Now : A Cuban escape story part1

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There's No Going Back Now : A Cuban escape story part1

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Chapter : 1 the origin January,23,1943 as of right now i am in jail i am writing in this journal as a means of communication. I have only been in jail for 3 days however I've seen how rough things get. I've learned to follow some rules however i break others . I just do what must be done to survive. chapter 2 :the day January,25,1943 I am finally out of jail. I broke out, i found my old house . i had a vault full of things to restart my life. a plane ticket to Australia, a fake id, 50,000 dollars , and a few family relics dating back to 1743. chapter 3 the get away. January,26,1943 after hiding in a camper-van overnight I went to the air port in Havana,Cuba. January,31st,1943 i have arrived in Sidney,Australia where i rented a hotel while i found an average house to live in. February,23,1943 i have found a house on the east side of Sidney it is a 1 story house with 5000 square feet of space .the house cost me $12,500. chapter 4 the end march 21 1950 i have successfully escaped from Cuban jail.

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