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To A Woman Near Death

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To A Woman Near Death

Chapter 1

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I imagine the funeral would either be lovely or lonely.

Or maybe it would be both.

After all, you were born as someone and will die as someone else. Whoever you met as the person you were before won't be seeing you die. I'm not even sure that those who know you as the person you are now know enough about your life to fully understand the weight of your death.

Of course, that's all in my head, and I am not intent on killing you or anyone despite the urge for that kind of lust. It's merely a dark sort of fantasy. I apologize for any offense.

I imagine you will die when you decide to, but it will not be by your own hand. You are too strong for that. You have already been offered the chance, but you did not take it. You wanted to live on.

Perhaps, arrangements will be made for another chance at repose.

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Hahaha, this is a bit too dark for even my own tastes... either that or I'm a wuss. Continue or not, it will be here.


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