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To Him

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To Him

Chapter 1

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To Him, Thank you, I owe it all to you for teaching me a valuable life lesson that I will never forget, but more importantly, How Dare You? In the beginning you promised me that you were different and not like most boys. And I believed every word of it, but boy that was a mistake. I should have known better than to trust you. Long before we met I had trust issues, but slowly I was starting to open up, I even let you in. I should have never trusted you because after you my trust issues became worse. You caused me a great deal of pain that I couldn’t handle, it took me ages to cope. You ruined it all and for what? Her. You told me that there was absolutely nothing going on and she was only a friend, I wonder how many times you had to practice that line to make it sound believable, because if you ask me it sounds like something straight out of any movie or TV show. After that I started to question everything because I knew it was all a lie and something was going on, besides I had that bad feeling in my gut. It broke me to admit that you didn’t want me. You made me think that I was crazy, but we all know I wasn’t because in the end I was right she was the other girl who was already dating you and that you are a liar. You tried too hard to twist the truth, but are the villain in this story. You used me and left me broken. For weeks I wasn’t able to shake the feeling. You left me feeling ashamed and embarrassed that I even let you in my life for a split second because you caused so much damage. I never got closure because you never told me we were through, all you did was ghost me. I realized it was all over when you got Her. That summer was rough on me, I wasn’t the same because of how much you broke me. Your name left a bitter taste of unpleasantness and disgust in my mouth. I know we never put labels on our whatever you want to call what we had but it still left me shattered in millions of little pieces. I don’t think you know how to imagine someone picking up a million broken pieces and trying to put them back together. I wish that I wasn't so careless and blindsided because I could have prevented a disaster. You live your life like an actual stereotype. You live the player boy and semi-popular football boy stereotype as though you have to act like that. Let’s face it you aren’t going to change your ways because it seems easier for you to be this way, rather than having to act a different way. We were never supposed to have a story because that’s the way that it is supposed to be. I am not an astronomer, but I know that it was written in the stars that fate wants us to always be apart but never together, which I believe that it is for the best. I want to be the first to say that I actually really do wish all the best for you and for you to go off and have a nice and happy life, no matter in what direction it might take you, but I hope that our paths never cross again because they shouldn’t have in the first place, this was all just a life lesson that needed to be learned.

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I'm gonna cry ......This is my life