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Chapter 1

by User avatar 1533873773 Jenara 2 mins.

I have always felt trapped with my mother yelling at me my teachers hated me being bullied was the best part of my day not anymore I get to be free I get to graduate with my best friend Jasmine Rosario anyway there calling names and I hear 2 names Jasmine’S and mine Mateo Villanueva I’m so happy freedom so close after the ceremony I go to my house jasmine at hers saying good bye I write a note not that my mother will care that I’ve gone for good anyway I think we should got to Tahiti it’s a magical place (who ever gets that you amazing) but as long as it’s far from here I’m perfect I meet jasmine at the school she puts the last of her belongings in the trunk we drive to the airport and we ask for 2 plane tickets for anywhere far from here we are about to get on the plane when I get a text

mother : where have you gone off to you need to take out the trash when you return

Mateo : not coming back ever

Mother : hahaha funny be home by 11pm or els

Mateo : you have no power over me I have been planning for a year goodbye mother I’m getting a new number you can’t reach me

Mother : you will be sorry

I power off my phone and get on the plane I tell jasmine what happened she said if I wanted to go back she’d come back with me but I realized then and there she does not want to be here she wants to go back I ask her if this is true she says she is just scared of my mother I tell her to not be and that we’ll be safe but none the less she still worries it’s true my mom is scary I guess I’ll nevr be free Ok we’re in Wisconsin it’s september so it’s still cold we get to the apartment I have had rented for us Ok well you can go unpack you things I’ll make hot cocoa and dinner then I’ll unpack after dinner we go to sleep I are 1 bedroom apartment bed I lay awake thinking I made a horrible mistake this morning I woke up to the small of bacon my favorite I Turn in my phone so many new news reports saying my mother was attacked and she said I was the one who went crazy on her and I will be arrested if I’m found all I could think was about my mothers words her saying I’ll be sorry I go out the room to see jasmine sitting in tears saying we should of stayed it would of been better then running away I guess I’ll turn myself in for you Jasmine because I love you my aunt Becca will watch you while I’m facing trial and am in jail your name will be kept out of it all and when I’m out I will be with you my love again then we enjoy are last meal together we pack are things I give her Becca’s address I ask her to bring my stuff to Becca’s for when I’m out I go down to the police station tell them the truth then why I’m there my mother may be a horrible person but she does not deserve jail time and I will plead guilty cause I’m not as bad as her the officers don’t believe only that I attacked her then I’m put in a holding cell for a few weeks tell my Court date I’m told my Sentence and I’m thrown in jail I think to myself I guess I’ll never really escape my life is and will always be this way

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Hi I hope you like my story also the Jasmine Rosario character is named after my sister jasmine Rosario I am Jenara Rosario and hope you liked my first story also this is my first story ever so be helpful as you can I am not adding to this story I’m moving on to other stories


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