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The top... A place where we have abandoned for years and now I am on a mission to examine the terrain, with a group of course but you get what I mean. Today is the day I walk into radiation and peril. Mike , my brother, asked to see me before I go up top. I enter his room which is on Clapham Junction. He's sitting there head in hands, looking some what frightened. His hair is like dads black and swoopy, with mums eyes, emerald green. The door closes behind me and he jerks upward. He heads towards me with anger glistening in his eyes.

" Lyn, what were you thinking!" he yells so loud the whole station would hear it.

" Mike, you know mum and dad wanted me on a mission," Lies... Lies." I'm here to do my part for the community." I say casually examining my gun. Mike has clearly caught on with the lie as he is dads favourite. He is pacing around his small room. " Lyn im coming too," He states confidently. However from my reaction his confidence fades.

" Mike, I wanted to do something on my own, just because im younger than you doesn't mean you have to breath down my neck 24/7! I've had enough from dad I don't need you too!" I pause. " Your not coming." I walk out of the room before he answers.

I assemble the team, without Mike, and head to the commanders office. Mum and Dads mouth drop at the sight of me. " Lyn what are you doing here?!" Dad says. I just say what I said to Mike then gets ready, Dad still nagging me about the danger of the situation. I roll my eyes and head to the suiting station. I tie my hair up into a ponytail with my long brown hair being contained. I put on the radiation suit, its stuffy and like you engulfed into a dull world. I get out of the suiting station, I was first out, I see my brother with mum and dad.

" Oh no you don't. Mike is not coming. If this goes wrong I don't want both of us to die." I did have a fair point, it wouldn't be worth loosing two children at once. So I head towards the entrance of a whole new world. My gun aimed and I walk out, checking for the all clear

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