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Unexpected visitor


Unexpected visitor

Chapter 1

by Picture?width=100&height=100 Sagar Pant 2 mins.


How can this be a home? It is a trash can,not even roaches can survive here. There is not even a bit space for someone to just stand. No,It`s not only the mess but this uneasy smell of rotten dead bodies of dozens of mouses. i can`t even breathe. Perhaps this is the wrong house yes....yes,this should be the case I maybe entered in the wrong house as Dad has told me a lot of time my navigation skills are not very good this can`t be hers. I should check the address again there must be something wrong. Uhhhhhh! It is same Why all these things just happening to me? why? waaaaay? first mom then dad and now this.

Hey! why are you standing outside? Is something wrong? come on fast let`s go in I can`t hold these bags for so long. Come on Mia I checked the address already this is your home sweet home- Woah! is there any news of tornado today and what is this? Is this thing alive?

It is a disaster my life has ruined. What are you saying your life is not ruined this not that bad it just need a few touch up, a lot of room freshener and this will be a great place. well by any chance do you have any clip my nostrils are sort of in pain due to this smell.(Angry glare) Okay,I thought what is wrong in trying.Jason,I am not in the mood of any joke now. I am not joking my nostrils are really burning because of this smell. Jason!

Okay Okay now listen I know this is bad but believe me we can make out of it. Are you blind or I assumed that this smell has reached to your mind from your nostrils. This is a hell you can only get into it but can`t make out of it.This is like the worst dream I ever had and i want to wake up as soon as I can. Jason hugged her and while patting her head he said now take a deep breathe. leave me first what are you doing! Alright, now take a deep breathe. Good and listen I am with you we both turn your bad dream to your nicest dream ever `believe me`, I got your back I am with we will both make this place to qualified to live for human beings.

`Okay, I believe you`. That`s great now take the broom and clean the place I can`t tolerate this smell anymore I`m going out.

"what the.....?"you help me too.

okay,but first let get some air fresheners.

"Fine", Let`s go.

(After the whole day passed by in that death room to clean it for a human being to live Jason and Mia were lying on the ground like a corpse with only a thin sheet under them near the balcony gazing at the stars.)

Jason grab me a beer I am so tired.

"Fine" here take it. Atlast now this thing is looking like something as home.

"yeah",you were right about it just this time.

What are you saying? I am always right now you owe me one for this. I am getting back now sister Marya will kill me this time if I will be late again.Now you also get to sleep now. Bye.


After the whole exhausted work the the intoxicated night give her a feeling of dizziness and she described the night as the twilight covering all the colors in her heart and spreading the dark giving her a cold feet to go further in there but a hope of soft light warmth keeps her going on where an unidentified fearful dark shadow standing in front of her but its smell giving an opposite description of its presence and urge me to trust him.

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Sagar Pant


hello,guys this is my first ever story here which I want to share with you all this is the starting of the story there will be much more of it. please stay with me and help me to complete it. I will be glad to hear your veiws on it. it will help me write more effectively. thank you


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