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Valkyries and Demons

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Valkyries and Demons

Chapter 1

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It was a chilly December afternoon in Oslo, Norway, as two 8th graders walked home from school along the urban streets, surrounded by other students.

One of the 8th graders was a girl with short black hair and purple eyes. She stood at about 5’9.5. She wore a red t-shirt under a maroon and black jacket, a black pair of jeans, and grey winter boots.

The boy with her had messy blonde hair and blue eyes. He stood at 5,9. His outfit closely resembled that of the girl next to him. He wore an identical jacket over a red t-shirt with a black winged sword on it, and a pair of blue jeans with grey winter boots.

“Hey Kala?” The boy asked.

“Yeah Mordred?” Kala responded.

“Do you have some free time when we get home? I kind of need your help with something.” Mordred questioned.

“Yeah, I’m free. What do you need help with?” Kala answered.

“I’ll tell you when we get home. Thanks.” Mordred thanked Kala.

Mordred and Kala continued to walk home for the next 45 minutes until they arrived at a two-story cabin on the hillside at the outskirts of the city.

They walked up the steps to the cabin’s porch. Mordred unlocked the door and pulled it open.

They walked inside Mordred closed the door behind them.

Inside was a living room which was overlooked by a loft that was connected to the downstairs by a ladder on the back wall. To the right was a doorway that led to a kitchen and to the left were two bedrooms and a restroom.

The living room was lit up by a grand fireplace with a chimney leading up and through the roof. The rest of the home was lit by stand-up lamps dotted around the house.

“So, what did you want to show me?” Kala asked.

“Follow me.” Mordred instructed.

Mordred led her into his room. Inside was a bed, a study desk, and a dresser. In the middle of the room there was a table with a scroll rolled out on it.

The scroll had several paragraphs in Old Norse, as well as a drawing of a spear. An identical spear hung on the far wall.

“I can read the text, but it’s full of gibberish. I thought that you might know what it means since you like to research your parent’s archives.” Mordred explained.

Kala turned on a lamp and sat down at the table. She began to read over the texts. For the next two hours, they talked about the meaning of the texts that Mordred didn’t understand. The scroll read this:

‘This spear is a Dragonfang. It was handed down to the living descendants of the Valkyrie that used it. Because of this it has the ability to channel a Valkyrie’s power. The effect of this power is still unknown because no one has met a Valkyrie to use it.’

Mordred took the spear off the wall and examined it. It was a silver looking metal with a slight bluish-green tint. The hilt had a winged sword engraved into it and the handle had grooves running down it and intersecting with each other in a spiral-like pattern.

“It must have been your mother’s.” Kala realized.

Mordred’s face turned to a frown. His eyes became full of grief and silent anger. He angerly grabbed the spear from the wall, storming out of the house.

As Mordred stomped away from the house he looked at the spear in his right hand.

“Why? Why did you keep this from me, father?” He cursed under his breath.

Mordred didn’t need reminding about how frustratingly vague his real family was. When he was 4 years old, his mother died stopping a fight between the gods. After that, his father abandoned him. He was found in an orphanage a month latter by Kala’s family and they adopted him. Kala was only 3 years old at the time.

Yes, you heard me right, his mother stopped a fight between the gods. And she was a Valkyrie. This means that Mordred is only a half Valkyrie, because his father was human.

Kala’s parents were never home. Their jobs as solders meant that they were never home because the Scandinavian war had never stopped since it began, which was before Mordred and Kala were in grade school.

He became so enraged thinking about it that he took the spear and thrust it at a nearby tree with all his might. As it sped towards the tree, the engravements in the spear began to light up.

The spear radiated a familiar sensation as tiny sparks jumped out of the glowing markings like miniature bolts of lightning.

Then the spear struck its target. And to Mordred’s amazement, the tree was completely destroyed. It flew back as if had just been hit with a 20-kiloton bomb.

Mordred just stood in awe. He looked down at the pit where the tree’s roots had once been firmly in the ground. The tree was somewhere to the east of Mordred, in the Scandinavian mountains.

Somewhere in a dimly lit building in Oslo’s downtown district, a girl no older than 14 watched as a group of thugs reported to her while flanked on either side by guards.

“What are you doing? I’ve been told that you have been slacking off!” The girl yelled at the thugs.

“Well, Ms. L-” One of the thugs started before they were cut off.

“Do not speak my name!” The girl yelled.

“I’m sorry! I didn’t make them practice or do extra jobs. It’s my fault.” The thug pleaded. Their voice trembled with fear.

A ghost of a smile formed on the girl’s face. She nodded to one of her guards who then stuffed a bag over each thug’s head and pulled them out of the room.

“I’ll deal with them latter.” The girl muttered.

Suddenly, the girl felt a shockwave of some kind. All that she could tell was that it came from the east.

“Ahh!” She said, startled.

“Are you okay?!” One of her guards asked the girl.

“There is someone out there. Go take a group to the forest east of here. There will be someone out there holding a weapon. Bring them to me!” The girl ordered.

Her guards walked out of the room. leaving her alone.

The girl rolled up the sleeve of her shirt and stared at a tattoo on her wrist. It was a black sword with wings sprouting from its hilt.

“It seems that another one has followed us here, mother…” The girl quietly said into a tiny radio in her ear.

“Yes, it would appear so. Deal with them.” A monotone voice ordered from the radio.

“Yes mother.” The girl complied.

Back at the cabin, Kala was out in the back, chopping firewood. She liked the repetitive motion of swinging the ax because it got her blood flowing.

As she prepared to chop the next log, a loud banging sound was heard from the front door. She ran inside and grabbed her daggers.

Her twin daggers were about 1 foot and 3 inches long with silver engravings along the blades.

Kala’s parents insisted that the two be trained with blades for self-defense, so Mordred and she were masters of their respective weapons.

Suddenly, the door burst open and a group of three people holding knives entered the home. They all had black vests on with an axe and a shield on them.

“Get the hell out of my home!” Kala yelled.

The intruders all started to laugh until the two with guns were stabbed through the heart by Kala.

The remaining three charged at her. They tried to slit Kala’s throat, but she was able to evade their strikes with ease.

They stopped trying to kill her when they remembered that they were told to bring the person they found back with them alive.

Two of them continued to charge at her, trying to knock her unconscious while the third took a gun from one of the corpses and replaced the gun’s live ammunition with a magazine of tranquilizer darts.

As the first two attackers distracting Kala, the third one shot her in the back with two of the darts.

Kala cursed the attackers and began furiously swinging her daggers at all three of them before her consciousness began to slip away as she fell to the floor.

Meanwhile, Mordred had heard the commotion and was running towards the cabin. But when he arrived at the scene, Kala was missing and all he found was a huge mess in the cabin like there was a fight and the two corpses fallen limp on the floor with a hole through their chests.

It was obvious to Mordred that the holes in the bodies had been caused by Kala’s daggers.

Mordred burst out of the cabin and franticly began searching for his adopted sister.

“KALA! KALA WHERE ARE YOU!” He cried, but there was no answer.

© Ian_Ward, 2019. All rights reserved.

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@I. D'arc Pendragon

I'm sorry that Iv'e been gone. This is where iv'e been, writing this book. I hope that you all enjoy it. Once again, you can find all of this and more on my account by the same name.


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