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John (as we'll call him) had always wanted to be a writer, but he didn't know how to do it. Don't get me wrong, he knew how to write; he just didn't know what to write. He agonized over it for years. He kept a journal and wrote poetry, and even won awards, but he didn't think he could ever make a living doing it (writing that is). A shy kid, he remembers a time when he started his first book, 'Black Beauty.' Actually, it was already a book; he was going to copy it and become a writer himself. His effort to copy 'Black Beauty' was short lived, but the yearning was still there. He lived his life the best he could. Helping others and fighting battles he never really asked for. John's life was lived in fear. He was afraid to express himself, and he was afraid to try something new and different. He used his intelligence to keep others at bay. But one day he woke up. He woke up to the possibilities within himself, and he started doing things differently. He took risks, and he started to believe. Believe in himself and in powers far greater than himself. It was a scary proposition to be sure, but he stayed the course and didn't give up. The "blackness" in his life turned him into a thing of beauty.

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Joanne @joannekenzy
Good topic. Interest holding. Enormous possibilities.
Tullos @tullosfranks

Thanks Joanne. I'm still working on it :)