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Have you ever watched the movies that involved mysterious creatures? Like blood sucking vampires or werewolves? I have all my life and I have always been fascinated with them. I've always wondered how people came up these fake creatures and acted like they were real. But sometimes I do think they are real and that they live among us as humans. I've always had dreams about if they were real and how-

"Hey Jaz are you listening?" I looked at my best friend Destiny, I guess I zoned out. "No sorry, what were you saying?" She shook her head at me, "I was saying that we should go to the party tonight." "What party? There's a party going on?" She looked at me at disbelief, "Are you serious? Everyone's been talking about it and I'm probably sure you've heard about!" I shook my head and then someone sat at our table. "What you ladies talking about?" "The party that's happening about, and the one Jaz doesn't know about." "Wait, you don't know about the party?" I looked at Jack, shook my head, and went back to eating my lunch. "What do you mean? Everyone's talking about it and I heard it's gonna be the best party of the semester." "Can we go?" I look up at Destiny who's giving me puppy dog eyes and then I look at Jack who's also giving me puppy eyes, "Fine." "Yes!!!!!" They started cheering and then the bell rang for us to go to class. "See you two later."

"Hey Jaz, wake up its the end of the day." I opened my eyes to see Savannah, the class president, standing in front of me. "Oh, thank you." She just nodded and left. I got my stuff and headed to the gates. Jake and Destiny are probably waiting for me. "Hey, Jaz! What took you so long?" "I fell asleep in class." We started walking to my house while they were having a conversation on the party. Me? I was thinking about a dream I had earlier, it was super weird. "Hey Jaz what are you thinking about?" I shook my head and just told them that i'm still tired.

We made it to my home and got started on our homework. Once we were done we had to get ready for the party. "Hey Jaz what are you wearing?" "I don't know, I wasn't prepared for this." They looked at me and shook their heads. "Good thing I brought an extra outfit and I think it'll look good on you." Destiny gave me the outfit and Jake pushed me into the bathroom.

"Hey guys I don't think I like this!" "Why not?!" I looked at myself in the mirror. I was wearing all black which I was thankful for, skinny jeans that were super tight, black heals, and a black crop top. Now you might be thinking 'What's wrong with the outfit?' Well, I don't like showing my stomach at all, so that's why I don't like it. I came out of the bathroom and they gasped. "What does it look that bad?" "No. You. Look. Amazing!!" They started screaming and I had to shush them or else my parents would come up here. They got ready and we headed out.

Once we were at the party I felt nervous. It wasn't the first party I've went to so that can't be the reason why. I shrugged the thought off and continued walking into the party. But little did I know, something was going to happen.

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Hi!!! I hope you like the first chapter of this book and i'll continue to write more!!!! Bye Bye!!!


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