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What If I am Not Beautiful?

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What If I am Not Beautiful?

Chapter 1

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He is handsome, tall, well built, smart and a perfect gentleman. A prince, every princess dreams of but not a man, who wants a beautiful princess but a beautiful heart, which he got through phone call.

Wait! Calls in a fairytale! Well, of course, a modern fairytale, this is meant to be realized.

‘Divit’ was his name. He was an Indo- American celebrity who earned in millions. The days, I will be talking about was when the world was going gaga for him.

Well, you would ask who I was. I was a writer across the seas in India. I would define myself as an aggressive, impatient and stubborn girl. I was stout, short girl with average complexion and a lot of acne on her face.

The next question would be how we met. It is the most genuine and important question.

Who would believe that a wrong number can change your whole world? Well, I was one of them, before my life got changed.

Once, as I remember, in the early morning of fall, I was about to dial to my father when my phone showed an unknown number calling me. I found it suspicious as the number was from States. I attended the call with a confused expression.

“Hello,” I wasn’t sure of my own voice.

“Ump… hello,” the man on the other side said in a foreign accent, seemed a little disappointed “May I talk to Mrs. Aniruddhati Singh?”

“Well, I am sorry, but I guess you have called somewhere else,” I said politely, “You may confirm the number and then call.”

“Oh! I am sorry,” was a courteous reply “I hope I didn’t bother you.”

“Oh! You haven’t, it happens sometimes.” I said and then disconnected the call.

My phone showed the caller ID of the unknown number. My eyes almost popped out when I saw ‘Divit’ flashing over the screen.

I have heard of him and saw him in the posters, my younger sister had pasted all over her room’s walls.

My lips curved into a smile. I forgot it then and there and got busy in my work.

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