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When? After I fall


When? After I fall

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"I am always dreaming of finding the guy who would love and cherish me for the rest of his life and I would never thought that that day would finally come."

Things are pretty much normal as the time flies, I would definitely agreed to my usual self that I am contented to how things are should be.

"Contented" yeah! I was but am I happy?

In my whole life, I actually am too afraid of taking a risk since the day of becoming aware of the things that surrounded me. I know it is too much that people think I am just over reacting to all of my decisions but still you cannot take away the fact that sometimes we really should think twice or maybe thrice until we are very satisfied with our final decisions in life yet it is only a matter time that someone will want to wish ruining everything, every little piece of me, and the worst part is that the person whom I least expect to do it DID IT!

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