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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 1

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It was perfect.

Too perfect.

Yesterday has been a bittersweet ending for her. Waking up still feeling her eyes heavy from crying, she never thought she would cry like that again after the accident. She looked at the mirror, smiling sadly at herself. When she was about to leave her bathroom, her personal maid, Mia greeted her as she handed a dress for her to wear. It's soft cotton dress that makes you comfortable and is also suited for wearing at work. "Good morning Miss Gem. Breakfast is served. Your brothers are already waiting for you downstairs." She said giving her a soft smile then made the bed and arrange another bouquet of white roses on her center table. Noticing this, Gem went towards her table after changing and touched a rose that has droplets of water on it. She smiled sadly as she remembered last night.

After spending the whole day, having fun at the amusement park, playing at different arcades and eating dinner together, they went near the riverbanks and sat at the bench. "I had fun today." Gem said smiling at Erick only his didn't even reach his eyes. From there, her time was up. She already asked a lot and Erick gave everything, his attention and love even if it's fake, she would still think it's real to make a good memory from it.

"How's Rose?" Gem asked averting her eyes away from Erick before he could speak. Surprise is not enough to describe what Erick is feeling right now. He was about to confess but she has beaten him to it, as always. "She's fine. A little stress because she's on labor but fine." Erick said looking at the night sky.

"You never had that light in your eyes even when we talk to one another, Erick." Gem said as she went to her vanity table and sat as Mia fixed her hair. She looked at her jewelry and she remembered the ring she gave them.

After buying Rose's favorite orchids and pink roses, they headed to a jewelry store a few blocks away from the hospital. They were the last customer to arrive but that didn't bother the manager. "I'm sorry if you have to be open a little late than usual but are the rings ready for purchase?" Gem asked. Erick looked curious but looked around the store for anything that he can buy when he noticed a small box was handed to Gem as she signed some papers. When he was about to look at it, she took it away from him immediately. "You will get your chance but you have to see that with her, okay?" Erick agreed.

That was the first time he heard her like that, powerful and authoritative. Even she portrays a kind and friendly boss, having that powerful side of her makes her even more respectable than the other people with the same status. Upon arrival, Gem asked the front desk for Rose's room. Erick was at daze. He can't process what is happening at this very moment. He can't stand how calm and relax Gem is. "Why?" Erick said stopping a few meters away from the room they are about to enter. Gem looked back as she listened. "Why are you so calm?! You should be mad, angry at me for hurting you but here you are, visiting and giving gifts that we don't deserve." He heard her coming towards him and felt her hands over his shoulders. "I am angry, Erick. But, I've long since knew your relationship when I first came to the company. You two have this aura, a warm and sweet one just like parents have when they are together so I was already at loss. I hold on you too much even when I know the truth. On the contrary, you should be the one angry at me. So for making you and Rose suffer, I'm sorry." Erick looked at her smile. It didn't reach her eyes and he knows that she's keeping it in. He's really thankful at the same time devastated about everything. They were avoiding her to get hurt but here they are, conflicting pain on her. Gem entered the room after knocking.

From there, she saw her best friend, reading a book. She smiled. "I'm mad Rose. Why didn't you tell me you'll have a baby soon?" Then she noticed the way she immediately looked at her as she made her way towards the table next to her, replacing the old flowers with the ones she have. "Why? How?" Gem smiled gently at her when she noticed how protective she is with her stomach. "I'm not here to hurt you Rose. I'm not like that." She calmly said as Rose slightly smiled at her. Watching her as she stroke her large stomach, Gem noticed again, that warm and sweet aura from her and the baby that was about to be born. It was unfair for her to feel envious but seeing her like this also gives her that warm sweet feeling.

'It's time.' Gem whispered and sighed. "What?" Rose asked looking confused and a little guarded. Gem smiled and called Erick to come inside. When Erick came in, the room felt suffocating as Gem pulled Erick to Rose's side then hand them the box. "Open it." She said. Reluctantly, Rose opened the box only to gasp. Gem smiled again as Erick looked too confused.

"Be happy." Gem said as Mia patted her head.

"Be happy, Miss Gem."

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