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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 2

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Staring into space was never his hobby. It was a waste of time. But here he is, looking into space. He was about to move when an annoying bastard barged in causing him to snap instantly. "WAKEY WAKEYoh, you're awake. Breakfast is ready!" Mike, one of his best friends greeted all too lively and immediately left just when he came to call him. He was about to chase him when their butler, Kevin came inside and drag him inside the bathroom. "You can kill Sir Mike later. Right now, a bath will help you Sir Red. You stink." He said and dumped him like a ragged doll inside the tub that already has warm water in it and closed the door. "He could have waited when I have no clothes on." Red said and removed his wet clothes and just tossed it inside the bin.

Sighing in content, he looked up remembering something few weeks ago. "You love her, don't you? That's why you would do everything for her. You even stoop that low just for her. You people make me sick. Everything I have done for you was just for fun, doesn't it? Get away from me, bitch!" He twitched and mess his wet hair. "That bitch. I can't believe I was that naïve. She made me do those things. But I can't let her ruin more than she already has." After washing up, he immediately change to his suit and headed towards the dining room. 'But first...' Red listened to his friend telling stories that never happened a while ago and sneaked up behind him. "I never knew you could tell stories like that. Can you share more?" He smirked when Mike startled causing him to jump. "Hi bro." He shrieked and ran away only to be caught easily by Red and tossed him into his seat. "I just want to remind you, don't barged inside my room again. Okay?" Red smiled threateningly at him but he shrugged and smiled at him. "Okay." That's Mike. The only friend who's not really afraid of Red's threats is him. He just knows when to stop if Red is really mad. Mike is the game master. He creates under Infinity Line Corp.

"Be sure to be awake for the meeting later. I know you didn't sleep at all last night and you just manage to get some slight rest before that monkey bastard woke the whole house." Ken sneered once Red took his seat beside him. Ken is the accountant and takes care of everything from stocks to shares to financial and account balancing.

"It won't be good if the CEO doesn't pay attention. Your attention is also a selling point, bro." Dan said. Their advertising head and public relation head who takes care of their firms. "I know. What else would I be doing these past few days? I've already send you guys all important data as well as the plan for the music and game launch next month." Red sighed as he eats his meal.

"Already have it. My artists are well aware so they are practicing hard." Jacob said. He takes care of their music industry branch under Infinity Line.

"I also passed some of my designs ready for checking. Our client would be in the meeting so it will do us good if I show more and newer to their taste." Neil said, their interior designer for all the infrastructures their clients that wants his services.

All of them work under Red, the CEO of Infinity Line which passed on to him by his parents. Now that they are busy with their other branches abroad, he stepped in when he was still studying. Regardless of age, he manages the business well and is respected by everyone older than him. With him, his best friends, he has chosen to help him. He knows the company is well taken care of with them as well.


After the plane has successfully landed, passengers make their way inside the airport to get their belongings and look for the people who are waiting for them. A beautiful woman sighed as she walked beside her husband who was pushing their cart. "Lily honey, stop worrying. We talked about this." She sighed again. "I know but it still worries me and you can't stop me, Ray. You know your sons will be very mad once they found out about this. I'm still surprise that they haven't caught it." Lily frets again as they stop walking. "I know hon, which is why I'm taking risks. The only way for the merger to happen is thru that. It's a promise we already sworn. There's nothing we can do." Ray said trying to ease the worry his wife is feeling right now. Slowly, they started walking, hand in hand. "Yeah, I understand hon." Lily softly smiled at her husband as Ray returned the gesture and kissed her to assure her even more and also to himself. He knows there will be trouble with this plan but in order to carry out the promise, they will do it.


Waiting for their parents was one thing, but crying before waiting is another. Gem had cried inside the car again when her brothers kept on cheering on her. Of course, how can she not cry again when she has people around her that care for her and will do anything to make her happy again. She may be hurting now, but eventually, her heart will heal over time.

"What a cry baby, here." One of her big brothers teased but gave her a bottle of water to calm her more. "Thanks Mark." Gem smiled. Mark is the third son. He's a model and an athlete working under Code E Inc. "All better?" Another one of her big brothers asked. "Yes, Dave, much better." Gem said cheerfully making them smile automatically. Dave is Code E's CEO and the wisest of them all. "That's good. You shine brightly when you smile happily like that." Gem smiled even more at her another big brother. "I know Cole, thanks." She said. Cole is the second CEO. Even though they share the title, they have two different jobs. Dave handles the business proper while Cole handles the creative side.

As for Gem, she is the writer working under Code E. She handles every write up articles of each person important working for the company with her other writers. "What are you kids laughing about?" They looked back only to see their mother and father waving and smiling at them. Without waiting for them to come closer, Gem ran towards them and gave them her tight and warm embrace. "Our baby girl." Ray said smiling warmly and hugged his daughter with his wife. "I miss you both so much." Gem said not letting go. "Us too, sweetie." Lily said as she patted her back gently. The boys approach them and also gave their welcoming hugs when Gem released hers. "How's the trip?" Dave asked as the walk towards the van followed them from home. "Tiring, dear but it was worth it if I'll see all of you smiling like that. Anyway, we'll be having guests tonight. Are you all free?" Lily asked them as Mark and Cole helped Ray and Ben putting their luggage inside the trunk. "I don't think my big brothers won't be free tonight at dinner. Their schedules are pack but I'll be home for dinner. If you want, I'll help you prepare?" Gem suggested. "That's wonderful dear. Can you boys make it?" Lily looked at her sons. "We'll try Ma but don't get your hopes up." Cole said. Kissing them good bye, they double check for anything that might get left behind. "Alright, you kids be careful and don't stress yourselves, okay?" Lily asked from the window as she waved good bye. "Yes Mama, Papa. Bye bye!" Gem answered giving her brightest smile to give her parents.

"They're still calling us kids." Dave sighed as they head back to their car. "That can't be helped. They won't be our parents if they don't call us that." Cole said smiling as Mark smirked until Gem messed his hair again. "Yup, we're still kids." Dave said making Cole and him laugh as they watch the two youngest bicker and run around.

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