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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 3

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Business is going smoothly inside Infinity Line Corp. Many proposals were submitted and are carried out immediately since their clients liked the idea. Heading towards Red's office for their late lunch, was when they saw his parents already on the elevator headed at his floor.

"How fast can you reach Red's office, Mike?" Ken asked as he try to call him. "Five. Why?" Mike said confused why he would ask. "Make it two. You'll know when you get there. Go!" Ken said then cursed when Red won't answer the call. Mike, still confused, but followed his order and ran towards the stairs upward with the others trying to run as fast as they can.

"Why didn't anyone tell us that they'll arrive today?" Jacob said running and skipping steps at a fast rate just like them. "Because no one knew they'll be home. You know her, she likes annoying him." Neil said in between his breath. "Did you try calling him again?" Dan asked Ken. "I'm trying. He won't answer..."

"What?" Ken heard Red growled from the phone. "For fucking sake, you're..." Before Ken could even finish, he heard the familiar voice and he knows, they were late. "WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT BARGING IN?!" Red yelled at the people who barged in only to see his parents with shocked expression then he noticed Mike arrived at his floor, panting as the others followed behind.

He was screwed.



No one made a sound. Even their secretary silently placed three cups of tea on the table and immediately left. Everyone knows how their boss and his mother would clash and it never ends well at their expense. After breathing slowly and drinking his tea, he looked at his mother who is also drinking tea while he noticed his father walking around the office with a cup in hand and his friends trying to be invisible as possible. He sighed. "Why didn't you tell me that you'll be home? I could fetch you at the airport." He said. She looked at her son, piercing him thru her eyes and put her cup down. "Then it won't be a surprise anymore, my stupid son." She smiled but before Red could speak he heard his mother sigh and today is the first. His mother never sighed because she believes it can make one old but by the looks of it, she didn't mind at the moment. But what surprises him was that, she hugged him so tenderly and it crumbled his walls again. Slowly, the boys head their way out and give the family some privacy. Red doesn't want them to see him so vulnerable and weak. He's known to be strong and they respect him to keep his weakness a secret.

"You still love her." Red was about to protest, denying in every way he can to his father only to feel his mother's embrace tighten. "It will hurt more when you keep on calling her names. So stop acting strong and just let go for now. I may have temper issues but I would know if my son is hurting. I'm your mama after all, right?" And just like that, Red's walls instantly fall down and cried like a child. As his mother hugged him gently, his father never left his side and keep patting his head just like when he was still a boy. Then he spoke to him the same words to comfort him every time he needed it.

"Everything will be fine, son. Everything will be fine. Trust me."


Seeing their son like that was a first, again. They know he's strong and cool as some of the girls see him but behind that, is there playful son who always smile and play like there's nothing to worry about. But now, all grown up to portray a strong man is nice to see but very worrisome since they know it was a mask, a fake persona he sometimes do when he wants to be alone.

"Do you think he'll come?" She asked. Her husband laughed earning him a slap from her. "Carla, darling, it's not like you to worry. He'll come. He may be stubborn and short – tempered like you but he's sure to come. He wants to meet them anyway." He said. "You're overly confident about this Luis. You know how protective Lily is to their daughter. I can kill you as well when something did happen to that girl. You know that." She threatened making him laugh. "Yeah, I know but I'm not worried about that. I can't wait to see Ray getting whipped in the ass by Lily." Luis laughed again. "Who's a carbon copy of our son now? He has the same playfulness as you do." Carla said as she pinched her husband's cheeks making him whine like a baby.


"Are you sure about this, bro?" Ken asked from the door frame. Red sighed again. "Yes. Why do you keep on asking? I'm still going. I really want to meet the former owners of Code E. I can't even talk to their son because he has no time. At least I can learn a thing or two from them. Also, they're my parents' best friends so it's a good opportunity." He said as he looked at himself in the mirror. "You know this could be a set up? I've been to like this and it was never pleasant." Ken warned again.

"Chill bro, I've thought about that already and it's not yet final. My parents are not into tradition and I think the others as well." Red smiled and patted his friend and started walking. "Oh, I know this feeling and I know you'll be very angry once you get back." Ken said to himself and shook his said. He better relaxes and watches at the mini theater before he comes back later on.

Nothing good will happen if he's in a bad mood as well.


As the sun sets, the food for the guest are done and Gem was about to continue her book when her mother entered her room. "Oh come on dear. Don't give me that look. Wear this for dinner, okay?" Lily said, placing a very nice pink dress and a silk hair band on her bed and white ballet style shoes beside it. "Okay Ma, but why do I have to dress up?" Gem asked looking at the things. "I just want you to wear it. I haven't been here when you needed someone to talk to and this is the first time in a long time that I have dinner with my baby girl and you don't want it?" Gem giggled when her mother dramatically wipe an unshed tear on her eyes as she hugged her. "Of course I want it. Anything for my lovely Mama, you don't need to be dramatic about it." She said and kissed Lily in the cheeks. "That's my baby girl. Now go and wash up. Our guest will arrive anytime soon and I want you to meet them. We will be waiting for you at the living room. Okay?" Lily said urging her daughter to the bathroom. "Okay Mama." Gem said shaking her head but smiled at her own mother's antics.

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