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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 4

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"Long time no see bro." Ray said hugging Luis and greeting Carla once they entered their house. "And nothing change. Apart from our growing white hair, nothing really changed." Luis said both of them laughing out loud for all times sakes. "And they are back from being a nuisance. No wonder we are stressed more than them." Lily sighed but smiled nonetheless. "I agree with you. Anyway, how are the kids? Are they here?" Carla asked when Lily ushered them to the living room.

"The boys are busy but they'll try to catch up. Luckily, our baby girl is not as busy so she'll be joining us." Lily said as Mia gave them drinks. "That girl, of course she'll put you first over anything. She loves you too much." Carla and Lily laughed at that. "What about your son? I heard that he wants to meet us?" Ray asked getting comfortable on their seats. "He's on his way. He's packed with proposals and forcing him coming with us won't do us any good, if you know what I mean." Luis sighed only to be hit by his wife making Ray and Lily laugh at them. "I tell you, when they met a while ago, you could really feel the tension building inside the room and it's suffocating." Luis said again earning another hit from his wife as the other continued to laugh like there's no tomorrow when they heard a sigh and a soft giggle from a distance.

"Really Ma, Pa, we're at someone else's home. Can't you control yourselves?" Red said dressed in casual shirt and shorts, embarrassed by his parents. "I think they're cute. My parents are like that sometimes and it's fun." Gem said in her pink dress and ballet style shoes. "You're not annoyed by it?" Amused, Red looked at the girl beside him. "Why would I be? They are my parents. Weird or not, they will still be your Mama and Papa, right?" Gem said and smiled at him. "Red, Red Gonzales. Nice to meet you..." He said. "Gem De Guzman. Nice to meet you too, Red."

As the two shake their hands, a small smile was placed in Red's lips and it didn't go unnoticed by his parents.


Relaxing at their living room, drinking their evening tea, Ray and Luis is having a silent conversation about something and it irks Carla for taking them too long. Gem heard her mother sighed and was about to ask when Red beat her to it. "I don't want to be rude but is this about the merger?" The two looked at each other and sighed. "Yes and no. The merger is just a cover that can benefit both sides but the real reason for this meeting is to fulfill the promise made between best of friends." Ray said. Gem could feel her heart tighten every second and she knows what this leads. Red, on the other hand, doesn't like where this leads. Not at all.

"You can't force me into this, Ma! If you think I'm incompetent to make Infinity Line back to its former state and much better, I'll do better and more than what I'm doing right now but marriage is not something you can force me to do!" Fuming mad, Red already thought about this meeting and wouldn't believe this is happening. For goodness sake, we're in the twenty – first century and arrange marriage is done centuries ago. "Don't give me that tone mister! The merger is important not because you're incompetent, it is because of a promise. For some circumstances, you're not only one chosen to be in that position but some things happened unexpectedly and that makes you the person only fit. So stop whining like a child because everything is set. There's no point complaining about it." Carla said raising her voice towards her son as Luis try to calm his loud wife and son. Lily and Ray looked at their daughter waiting for her to speak only, she stood up and gave a gentle nudge on Luis' shoulder.

"Do you want to get some fresh air, Red?" He looked at her only to see her gentle smile. And just like that, he slowly calmed down and followed her out. Once the two had left, everyone sighed. "You don't have to yell at him like that. You should have just calmly told him. He's confused and can't understand everything at one go." Luis stated and sighed. Having to control two ticking time bombs could really tire him out and he was expecting something different from his wife but that situation was expected as well. "I'm sorry. I've been trying but when it comes to him, I'm not sure if I can control my temper." Carla said clasping her hands to stop her trembling hands. Comforting his wife, Luis led her to the couch and gave her the tea that served earlier. "Don't worry about it. Your son seems to be a good man. He'll do everything for the sake of your company. And just like you said, he's confuse. Let Gem handle this for now. She just knows how to calm a person down, just like her. Don't you think?" Lily said to ease everyone's worries.

"It's like we are seeing them again for the first time." Ray said and smiled at everyone.

They know this marriage could be hard on the both of them but it will be good for them.

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