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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 5

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Having some fresh air could really clear one's mind. He heard someone came and looked back to see her set the drinks on the table set. She looked up and smiled at him, again.

'This girl, how can she be still smiling at a time like this? Did she understand everything that is about to happen?' Red thought as he approached her and took his seat. "It's raspberry tea. It will help you calm down. I always take this when I feel off." Gem said and gave him a cup. Taking a sip made him relax. It soothed his mind and it did help him to calm down a bit. He looked at her, also drinking the tea and he could see how compose she is and seem serene about everything. She's different, intriguing as well, or he could be wrong.

"I see." Red muttered getting Gem's attention. "Money is not enough that's why you agree? You're offering your body to me so that you can get my money, right? You're just like her." He scoffed at her. Gem looked him, shocked that he thought of her like that. She abruptly stood up and hit him the face made him stunned. "I'm doing this because it's a promise that is very important for my parents and family! I'm not a slut like someone else you know! Just because I agree doesn't mean I need money. This is for my parents and my family, why can't you do the same?!" The two looked intently in each others' eyes waiting for anyone of them to flicker. Little did they know that their parents are watching them and they can't help but laughed. It's kind of cute to see them like that, not the usual person they see every day. "It's not like we can do anything about it. We both know that our parents will get what they want and they will get their way if it means using force. Will you like that? That's more tiring than just accepting." Gem explained and took her sit as she looked up the night sky. "And I thought I have my way out but it doesn't look like that. I thought girls like you will want to marry someone you love not someone arranged. Aren't you afraid? Your parents seem very protective of you and I guess my mother as well. Aren't you scared of what I can do to you?" Instead of seeing the sky, Gem saw sad brown eyes staring at her.

Blinking, Red is already pinning her at the chair waiting. Unconsciously, she touched his face, surprising him. "You're sad and in pain. Why? Am I taking your freedom away from you? Is that why you're scaring me right now, because you don't want me to control your life?" No words came out from him. Red can't think straight. Confused and stricken by shock, Red immediately stepped backward away from Gem who still looked at him with curiosity. No one knows what he really feels. Everything was well hidden inside his heart. His parents may have an idea what he's feeling 'but this girl, how could she tell immediately that I'm sad, in pain?' Red thought looking directly still at her. He then noticed how she shines even with little light from the stars, she shines beautifully.

He could feel his hand touching his face but abruptly stop it from doing so. It's taking a lot of effort but he'll do it nonetheless. All that is happening right now makes him confuse and his mind is working overtime just figuring this girl out. "I'm sorry Red." He snapped out from his thoughts and looked at the girl smiling so gently and it scares him. This girl has that power to do that and it's scary. "For touching you like that and for taking your freedom but, I already agreed. It's for my family. I hope you understand and if you really don't like it. Then I'll think of a way to convince our parents about the marriage as well as for the merger to happen without marrying each other.

You can count on that."


He sighed.

Red is already home and is now lying on his bed. A lot happened today and it is already stressing him out. When Gem said those words, their parents suddenly came out to stop whatever deal they have come up and they are not even surprised to see them just popping out of nowhere. And then, her brothers came and opposed the idea. It was chaos all over and it was tiring. True to her words, Gem had a great idea for the merger to work. The two companies can work through contracts. Each company will work and support each other. It is a win – win situation but it was instantly declined by them.

"That won't happen! This is a promise from your parents, Gem, your real parents. They want you to marry a son from mine or Carla's to secure your safety. The three of us swear that it will happen and it will happen!"

He sighed again.

This is more complex than a simple arrange marriage. Who would have thought that Gem is the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Allan and Rea Javier, the owners of Javier Corp. that is now under Code E.? "Sighing like that won't solve anything." Dan said as he entered the room. "Then, what should I do?" He asked still looking at the ceiling, not minding them entering his room. "Let the girl handle it. She's the only daughter, right? I think her parents will comply if she said no." Jacob said. He scoffed.

"Did that but the girl is not a spoiled brat as we all thought she would be." Red sat up and looked at his friends. "I never thought Gem as spoiled bro. She's the smartest person I met." Everyone look at Mike. This guy had met the girl but didn't say anything. "Hey brat, since when did you think she's different? She didn't even mention you-" Red stopped grinding his fist on his friends' head when he remembered Gem saying that she met an incredible game master and he sighed. "So she did mention him? Then this monkey knew a little about her." Neil said teasing the guy again. "So what happen? Clearly there's more." Ken asked making the room silent. Red sighed again.

"Yeah and you wouldn't believe what I learned tonight." He said.

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