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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 6

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"She's resting now Miss Lily." Mia said giving everyone a sense of relief. It was a stressful day. Once their visitors left, Gem started feeling sick and before she could fall, Mia was already behind her, holding her tight.

"Thank you Mia. You can rest. It has been a tiring day." Lily said and watches her leave. "How could you do that Ma? She can't still remember some of her memories since that day and you're forcing her to remember!" Mark said, mad for blurting those words a while ago. "We can protect her without the marriage. It's just a promise. Things are different now. How can you possibly believe that Red can protect her? The merger can even work through contracts like she suggested. It is a great idea and you know it." Dave said trying to suppress his voice so that he won't be raising it against her mother.

Lily looked at her eldest son, angry that he saw her right through the idea. She knows it is a great idea. But, she can't let that happen, not in any way they make it. "You don't understand! We are doing this because we treasure the promise we made. It's for Gem's safety. The more people we have, the less chances of anything bad will happen." She said looking intently at her two sons. Cole looked at his mother, confused. Are there secrets they don't know? He then looked at their father.

"Gem's life is in danger. When her sister died things started to change. She would be kidnapped only to be found drugged outside of their house. Sometimes, she would be left someplace far away and would be found after a few days in an orphanage. Rea was desperate. Allan did everything to secure his daughter and his family. It is only us that they trusted and asked to swear that if anything happens to them, make sure to adopt her and have her in an arranged marriage with Luis and Carla's son. It was their last resort. Then they died, Gem losing some of her memories. The rest is history." Ray said then gave them photos and files about what he confessed.

Reading and looking, not a word was spoken. Surprised, shocked, it came to them all together making them loss of words. "Does she know this?" Cole asked. Their parents just shook their heads. "Then we don't have any choice but let it happen." Dave and Mark looked at their brother as if he had gone mad. "Just like Mama and Papa said, it is a promise made for Gem's sake. We can also protect her by looking for answers but how can we move if we have our sister here where she can see it? It will only make her remember and it won't be good. We don't know Red that much and most of the information we have on him are rumors. Why not give the guy a chance? I think, if she's just like Tita Rea then he would also fall for her like how Tito Allan did." Cole said assuring his brothers that Gem will be fine in Red's hands. He's right after all.

Gem is not hard to love.

Not even Red.


Everyone was quiet. You could hear the ticking clock clearly, the air condition running and their breathing. No one had spoken since Red explained what happened. Who could have? The Javier's are known as a very successful business family. They are always the first business company around the world and the companies under it. But a terrible accident came to them that cause everyone to take advantage of the family, especially their rivals in the business. It was another form of bullying that causes hysteria and paranoia. And with that, Gem was the only one left. "Well, that sucks." Jacob muttered. "I know. I don't even have a choice." Red sighed. "It's too complex and dangerous. Are your parents insane? This is too much. I know how insane your parents can be but this- this." Ken grunted. "So, what do you think?" Dan asked.

Red looked at him and he can tell from his tone the heaviness of the situation. "Are you stupid? He has no choice. He has to marry her and act as a bodyguard for her while working." Neil scoffed. "Are you even listening, dumbass? Yeah, he has no choice but what does he think about everything? Now that he knows that Gem is a Javier and her surname right now serves as her shield, she'll be wed to Red and she will be under our care. Then what? Will you be a gentleman and be her knight protecting her or will you be a reaper and take everything from her because she is a Javier? It is always the after not the in between. You kids wouldn't understand when you haven't been in this kind of situation. You should learn to think first before you act." Dan mocked making Neil growled and was about to hit him when Mike hold him down. This is the first time they heard him like that. Dan was never mysterious. He is the eldest in the group and is experienced in a lot of field than any of them especially people. But what he says is true. Thinking is the first thing to do than acting rashly.

"I don't think I can protect her." Red said. They all looked at him as he stepped out of his bed and went to his laptop. "Just like Neil said, I don't have a choice. But, there's something about her that made my parents consider an arrange marriage as the best way for her protection. She's different. I won't be her knight in shining armor nor her reaper. I will be me doing my own thing. As long as I can prevent anything happening to her and everyone else, that's what I think that matters. So if you don't have anything to say, I have work to do. Do something useful and don't disturb me. Okay, Mike?" Neil sighed as Ken and Jacob patted Mike on the shoulders as the drag him, as he fidgeted from their grasp, Neil following behind. "Don't work too much. We have a meeting early in the morning with Code E. CEO's tomorrow. Try to be presentable in front of your wife, alright?" Dan smirked as he left closing the door.

"My wife." Red muttered and leaned back from his chair.

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