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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 7

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Since that day, a lot has happened. Red was never good in first impression and fighting inside the conference room in front of Gem's brothers who are known to be overly protective then, things are not going the way he planned but he never thought to see them amused, even chocking from stopping their laughter.

The next day and the meeting was about to begin when Gem greeted Red cheerfully and for the first time, even the staffs are surprised to hear such tone early in the morning, a wrong move. "Shut the fuck up! You're too noisy and it's early." Red cursed at her. His friends were about to scold him when the said girl just screamed again making them shocked. No one stood up and yell back at their friend, either that your brave like Mike or, just plane oblivious. "Hey! I just greeted you a very good morning and that is how you greet me back?!" Gem yelled and stump towards him and crossed her arms. "I'll greet you the way I want. Got a problem with that, lepricorn?" Red teased and smirked at her. "Shut up, goliath! You should greet me the way I greet you now!" Gem teased back not minding that their friends and family members are watching them, trying to control their laughs and composing their selves.

He sighed as he remembered that day. Now that they are engaged, both companies are busy. Meetings are endless and contracts are being revised to satisfy both sides. Who would have thought, Code E is not just simple fashion business, it involves music, sports and entertainment as well. That's why Mark is the top model and a perfect example for an athlete and modelling. He was still learning to act and he is already getting casted in main roles. No wonder many aspiring artists and athletes want to work under them. They care for their people individually. We didn't even have time to take breaks during work hours but someone would do that for everyone.

"Just because we are in the middle of the merger, that doesn't mean you could skip lunch? Since some goliath won't listen to me, lunch is being delivered already. Please eat at your heart's content!" Red grunted and sighed again after the broadcast. "That lepricorn." Then he looked at that time only to be surprised. It was already lunch time. "Be thankful that I'm giving you your lunch." Gem barged in again. Even he told her, screamed and scare her to not do it again, she keeps on doing it and she still keeps on doing it. "I'm sorry Sir Red. I can't stop her." His secretary said then Gem pushed him out. "A buffet has been prepared in the lounge. Eat plenty, okay? You need your energy when you're the one near with a monster like him." She smiled then looked back at her future husband. He sighed again. "It's alright. You can leave and eat your lunch." Surprised with the calm command, the secretary left. "Once your done, you can leave. I'm too busy to keep you company." Red said then continued doing his work when he heard plop on the couch. When he looked up, Gem was still there, putting out her laptop and some papers on the table then started working as well.

"What the heck?" "If you're not eating, then I won't as well. Your friends told me you tend to skip meals because of work. So I'll help you finish work so that we can eat together. Okay?" Gem smiled at him then took a large pile of papers from Red's right side and started doing his work. It has been a month of their engagement and in a few months time, they'll be husband and wife. Since then, Gem has been helping Red with everything. At first, he can't trust her with it and he checked every work she had done for him. Surprisingly, it was perfect. She had done more than what he can do. Every proposal was checked, studied and checked again, not a single information missing. He watched her, working and can't help but smile softly at her. Then suddenly a soft growl was heard. Gem stopped for a while but continued again. He let a small laugh escape his lips and closed his laptop. "Come on. We'll continue this later. Let's go eat." Red stood up and took their lunch. "But, what about work?" Gem protested only to hear another growl making blush.

Red laughed made her surprised. That was the first time she heard him laugh. She knows it was just her stomach growling, but hearing him laugh is nice. "It can wait. I can't let you starve now, can we?" Red said and smiled at her making her heart skip a beat. She suddenly felt light only to get heavy when he spoke again. "Besides, a hungry lepricorn spells disaster."


Inside the lounge, everyone is having a great time eating their lunches Gem had provided to them. It has been like this in a month when Gem started working with them. The building doesn't have any cafeteria so most of them would go and eat out but now, every single day; a buffet has been prepared for everyone. "And the bickering has never ended." Ken sighed hearing the loud voices headed to the lounge. On cue, Red and Gem entered the lounge bickering one another about a topic he doesn't want to get involved in. Ever since they start to fight, he is always in a tight situation when he had to pick sides. It always gave him a head ache and this is not his usual every day routine at work. But someone must have put a curse on him that's why he's experiencing this. The staff had gotten used to it and they would laugh at them silently. It has become lively inside Infinity Line and it was all thanks to their future CEO's wife. "I never saw Red liked that before. He's even having fun with her." Mike said eating happily. "Well, the monkey has a point Ken. I like him like this. It's more assuring." Jacob said stealing meat from Mike's plate when the latter hissed at him. Ken sighed again watching them fight around. This is the usual routine whenever they eat together, now they have Gem, they've become livelier. "You can have mine, Mike. There's more meat in the buffet, Jacob. Get your own." Gem said once they arrived at their table. Jacob scoffed and went to the buffet to get more.

"Stop spoiling the monkey, lepricorn." Red said seating beside Ken and Neil. "I don't need to listen to a slave drive goliath." Gem scoffed and looked away, pouting. "Can you guys have anything else to do than bicker?" Dan asked. The two spoke at the same time making the others choke.

"Yup, they don't have anything better to do than bicker." Neil said in between laughs earning him a hit from Red. "Bro, why did you do that for? Are you embarrassed or guilty? Or there's more?" He teased only to get beaten up again. It was never a dull moment for them. Ken may stress about it but this is better than a moody Red all day. Jacob and Mike like how things are going and its fun like they would always say. Dan and Neil never get bored of them. Their bickering seems to be a new thing for them to see from Red and he wasn't like this to other girls, even to her.

One thing is for sure, Gem has something in her that made everyone around her lively and bright.

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