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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 8

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As the day end, most people are now heading to bed to get a good night's rest and the boy's residence is quite an exception. "You don't have to worry, Rose. I can handle my work on my own. You should focus on Kris and Kristy. By the way, how are they?" Gem asked to the person on the line. Her work is not yet half done and publishers are pressuring her for her manuscripts. "My twins are fine but that's not the issue right now. I told you to focus first on your manuscripts and your articles before anything else. I think Red and the others can handle the work. You, on the other hand, have many things already on your plate. Please finish them first." Rose scolded her from the line. The latter gave a wary laugh and was about to explain when she cut her out. "And don't tell me that they needed help and you're the only person who can do it. You've been using that reason since and I won't fall for your other reasons." Gem sighed then looked at her papers scattered on her table and on the floor. It is already late and all work is due tomorrow. True to her friend and assistant, she was helping everyone with the merger especially Red since he has a lot of things to take care of. But being CEO is a tough job. Dave and Cole always helped each other since they are both CEO's so everything is always in line with the schedule. "Rose, Red needs my help. The merger will officially take place tomorrow and with a little time to make preparation, it would be a miracle to get everything done. You understand me right?" Gem pleaded at her until she heard her sigh. "What do you expect? Anyway, I'll be present tomorrow for the meeting. You have no say in this. I'll bring my kids so I could still keep my eyes on them. Erick is still overseas with Mark for his shoot. You hear me? Don't overdo it. Okay?" "Yeah."

With that, the call ended. Sighing, Gem lean back on her seat and massage her eyes. Rose has every right to scold her. She wasn't doing any work since she transferred to Infinity Line and in their house. Not because she forgot nor lazy about it but with the new environment, it feels different and very hard for her to focus. She still needs to adjust with everything and everyone. "Well, I'm not complaining. Everything was for me. And I have to do everything also in return, right, Mama, Papa?" She said then looked at her parents' picture on her bedside table with a little light emitting in the entire room. With the last stretch, Gem continued her work until dawn without realizing that she hasn't sleep when Mia called her for breakfast.


A meeting ended with expected results. Leaving the conference room with a satisfied sigh, they headed for the elevator. Now that all of their shareholders and business partners signed for their support and corporation, the merger is a success. "One down, more to go." Gem said as she yawned and stretch. Red looked at her when he noticed her eyes, reddish and tired. "That's why you're not getting any taller, lepricorn." He teased making her hissed and grunt playfully at him. "Shut up goliath!" She said, crossing her arms and looked away with a pout. Silently, he laughed. This girl. He never gets tired teasing and bickering with her. 'Am I really like this? Why do I feel like this is fun?' Then he smiled only to notice that the girl is not beside him anymore. When he looked back, he saw Gem swaying. Before she could fall, Red swept her up in his arms, taking Gem by surprise. Wide eyes and their close proximity, Gem was speechless. Her heart suddenly beats too fast and the lack of sleep only made it worst. "I can handle the meeting by myself. You need rest." Red said in strict and hard tone but his words didn't even bother her. Still shocked, they entered the elevator and headed to Gem's floor. In his arms, she could feel his body giving her warmth and it relaxes her. 'Is he worried about me? Why do I feel this way? Why my heart is feeling excited and warm at the same time? It's different from Erick. What could this be?' She thought then looked at him. Slowly, she gets comfortable and smiled until sleep took over her. Red then felt her head already lean on his shoulders where he could feel her breath from his neck. She already fell asleep. "You are really different." He said and smiled softly at her. Tightly, he secures her in his arms not wanting to let this moment pass.


Lunch today is different, very different. "I'm impressed. You manage to change the mood of the entire lounge. Congratulations." Ken sarcastically proclaimed once Red arrived at their table. The latter just shrugged and continued eating. Everyone inside could tell the tension from their boss and it gives them shivers. What could be the reason behind this? "The food looks great. The place is relaxing but the mood, not so much." Dan exasperated and looked at his friend who just shook his head. "Please bro, I really like to eat in peace but you literally darkening the mood is not helping. So can you tell us what's up?" Neil said and sighed.

Before Red could speak, Mike came to their table and answered them all. "Gem is not here so he's pissed." The latter twitched, the rest burst out laughing. "So where's your "wife"?" Jacob asked and then another round of laughter emitted. "She's not my wife. If you're looking for her, she's in a meeting with some publishers." They all looked surprised. One, he didn't even cursed at them which it usually happens when they tease him and that, he didn't curse. "Then what's the foul mood for? She's busy. All of us are. What's the difference?" Ken asked making him sigh. "A lot. But technically, she's just a writer."

Everyone in the table looked behind Red surprised to see her except for him. She smiled at all of them and went to her cousin. "Not causing trouble now, are you Mike?" She said then messes his hair, annoying him. "Rose! Cut it out." Rose laughed at him as she greeted everyone else giving them a high five. They first met her when Mike forgot something at home and Rose was the one who brought it for him. She is like a big sister to them, sometimes noisy but nonetheless reliable in her own ways. "What brings you here?" Jacob asked with a grumbling Mike beside him. "She's Gem's manager." Red answered for her. Besides Red and Mike, the four were surprised. Rose laughed at them. "I'm still on leave but today, I need to be here as her manager. That girl tends to forget that I'm here just because I'm on leave. Well, it can't be help." She hates me. She said softly then waved them goodbye not knowing that someone heard her.

When the boys arrive home from work, Gem greeted them from the dining room. "Shouldn't you be resting?" Red asked as he entered the room only to be greeted with fresh cooked food on the table and a smiling Gem at him. "I told you I would make up to you." She said making his heart skip beat. He didn't think she would do it at once.

"Thanks for carrying me." Gem said as he gently set her down. "I'll wait for you. Finish what is needed to be done." She watched him roam around and took his sit in one of the couches. "You don't have to do that." Red looked at her from the papers he was scanning. She can't help but be fascinated on how he looked up at her and suddenly she felt blushing now than usual. This hasn't happened before. She sheepishly smiled at him. "I still have a meeting to attend with my publishers. I don't have time to eat right now." Gem looked at him, watching every movement when she noticed his expression. Was he disappointed? Then someone barged in. The two looked at her, surprise to see her. "Rose is my manager. I'm sorry if I told you just now." She said while gathering her things. "I'll make it up to you later." She said, smiled then left.

"I know you guys will be here around dinner time so eat up." Gem said as the others came behind him and started taking their seats. Unknowingly, he felt warm in his heart. She never made this for him and would always be disappointed when she told him she would do this but forget to do so.

Is she always like this?

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