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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 9

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Now that everything is going as planned, the wedding day has finally come. Many waited for this day to come and the pair is feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Red still feels against this but during the time he spends with Gem, he was having second thoughts. Maybe things will be better with her. Maybe, with her, things will be different. Then he sighed. Looking through the window of his room, all in his suit with his coat still hanging on the rack, thinking about what will happen after the ceremony. He may not show it but he's anticipating it. He slightly smiled at the thought of seeing Gem in her wedding dress, all smiling. When he looked down, he met with a pair of familiar eyes staring into him. By the looks of it, she's been looking at him before their eyes could even meet those eyes that made him weak and forgiving. Without realizing, Red ran out of the room and hurriedly searched for the owner of those eyes, until he saw her, turning around the corner.

He called.

She stopped.

When the said girl looked back at him, shocked and anger came to him. "What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here." Red said who glared at her but the latter only smirked. "And yet, you chase after me? Am I really not supposed to be here?" She said tilting her head at the side with a sly smile. Matching up with it is her white dress that shows too much that made her an innocent seductress. He looked at her, staring for anything that gives her away. "Answer me, Marg!" Furious he is, but it has no effect on her. She only smiled widely made him angry. His temper is getting better of him and he's old self is beginning to show when someone showed up. "Hey, everyone was looking for you. Your mom will cause a scene of you don't show up now." Gem approached him and wrapped her hands around his right arm. Instantly, he's anger started vanished just like that and it only takes with her voice and her voice to do it.

Red looked at her and there, he saw a familiar smile which helped him calmed down. The other watched in envy and she can't believe what she is seeing right now. When Red returned the smile, Gem looked at her side to see a very beautiful girl looking so distress. "Are you lost?" Marg looked at her, bewildered on how she acts. Gem smiled and approached her before Red could tell her who she is. "By the looks of it, you're here as a guest. Are you one of our guests? I don't really know who my family invites so you must be our guests. Am I right, Red? You were talking to her a while ago?" She asked innocently at the two of them who were taken back. No one answered her which she considered as an answer. Then she looked at the other girl. "I'm sorry, what's your name again?" "Margarette." She said, still taken back on how the latter looked innocent and friendly towards a stranger like her. "Is it alright to call you Marg? I'm Gem, by the way." Gem said. When the latter nodded, she took her hand and guided her towards their hall also not forgetting Red who hasn't moved from his position. As the two looked confused and surprise by her actions, they have no idea what she is thinking and feeling right now.


Playing with her ring in her ring finger, Gem remembered the ceremony. She could still feel his hand in hers and the kiss. It may be only in the cheek but she could feel it on her lips. His kiss was simple yet very warm. Up until now, her heart could still feel the warmth from that kiss and it's asking for more. "Okay, Gem. Calm down. Inhale. Exhale..." She said to herself, patting her heart. 'This never happen before. My heart won't stop pounding so fast. Am I falling for him?' She thought. Ever since the day they first met until now, they would have some alone time and those times, sometimes Gem could see Red in a different light. They may tease and annoy each other a lot but there is also a time when he would take care of her on his own way. He would keep on reminding her to rest and eat and then he would try helping her with her articles and stories which ended up pissing his own self of.

Nonetheless, with those little and simple things, it made her heart all fuzzy and warm which craved for more. "What are you doing here? You're not supposed to be here." "And yet, you chase after me? Am I really not supposed to be here?" It was not her intentions to eavesdrop. She just followed Red who suddenly ran out of his room forgetting his coat. Wearing her heels and taking his coat, she ran as well. She looked at her feet to see some blisters which is still bleeding. She was surprised that she didn't feel anything from it, but that conversation never left her mind. She knows that Margarette or Marg as everyone called her is not their guest to attend their wedding. Of course, she knows everyone in the list. She lied, why... because she wants to prove something for herself. Why did she allow her to attend? She didn't know. Was it to rub it in her that he's already getting married to me? I wish. The only thing that is bothering her up until now was how they talk to each other.

Whether he told her they are former acquaintances, she could feel how wrong that sounds. "Next time, look at where you're going." Red said once he entered their private lounge then crunched down to check his wife's feet. When Gem didn't say anything, he looked up only to see her spacing out. "Hey, lepricorn." He flicked her forehead which she reacted just like she would. "What the heck, goliath?!" She hissed, hit his arm then rubbed her forehead. He chuckled. "I won't do that if you weren't spacing out." He said as she hissed still. Then he applied some ointment on her blisters. "I'm not spacing out. I'm just thinking. That's different." Gem said trying to cover up the pain and her thoughts as well. He sighed then looked up to her. Red could tell that she's hiding something. It can be the pain from her feet or whether she could tell that there's something about him and her. He hoped it was the first. "Don't think too much about it on whatever that is your thinking. They'll get worried when they see you like that." I'm worried... She looked at him, confused if she heard it clearly or her mind is just playing tricks on her but when he looked at her smiling gently, she already know. No one's playing trick on her, not even her mind or heart. Everything Gem's seeing and feeling right now is real and she can't believe it. Her heart and mind are in sync and again, for the first time, both agree that this man right here, in front of her, smiling and holding her hand as they walked together to their reception hall with their families and friends waiting that she have already fallen in love with her own husband.


"I never thought you have it in you, Marg. That's the reaction I want." Marg looked at her eyes. This is what she wants, her attention, her affection all directly to her. Ever since they were officially a couple, she hasn't even had any time to spend with her. Yes, she was also busy with her new job at a new company but that doesn't mean she doesn't make time for her. The only problem is that she doesn't give a f*cking damn time for her, them. Then when she approached her again with all affection was because she wants something from her that only she can do. So without thinking, she agreed. That's where she found out something she didn't noticed before. "Continue that. Keep on getting his attention. Destroy their relationship. Make Gem suffer so much than even Red would hurt her. Like you said, he has temper issues. Let's make that as our advantage." She said then smiled sinisterly which shocked her. That smile never appeared in front of her up until now.

'What's going on? She wasn't like this, was she?' Marg's smile and determination to help her faltered. What is Red's and Gem's life got to do with her?

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