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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 10

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Time passed and a new year has begun. Nothing has change between Red and Gem. They've been married since August last year and it's been eight months with nothing new in their relationship, apart from their endless bicker. "If you could just hurry up, we won't be late." Red said as they head their way to the conference room. "FYI, we are not late. How many times do I have to prove it to you? You can't even look at your own watch." Gem said, whispering the last words as she tries to catch up. Today, they will have their meeting with their parents across the country, not as their children but as CEO's. "Wow, you guys are setting a new record." Dan said once they got inside. "Shut up!" They said at the same time. "They are really setting a new record for today." Neil added as the latter high fived with one another. "Do you guys have other things to do? Bickering is overdue for the both you." Rose said as she help Gem catch her breath and show her some papers for the meeting. "Come on cous, I know you love seeing them all lovey dovey. That's how they show their love." Mike said hugging himself and making kissing sounds when Jacob hit him on the head while Ken stop Red from killing him.

"If you want to die, be my guest but not now. You have many things to settle and deadlines to meet." Jacob said while the other hissed at him. As the rest sigh at them, Ken pressed the folder on his friend's chest. "And control your temper. You've been off for the past months and it's not good." He said while taking his usual seat. Red sighed. "She's been showing up." Ken looked at his friend half way through preparing his laptop. The latter continued. "I'm not sure if it's coincidence or not but every now and then, they would meet, planned or not. Sometimes, we would meet up and in other circumstances, we would meet up. It has been like this for the last months." Ken sighed getting their friends attention. As they talk, Rose and Gem have their conversation of their own.

"You're not sleeping well, G. What's going on? Is Red really giving you that hard?" Rose asked mischievously as she wiggles her eyebrows at her friend where the latter laughed it off. "Seriously? You know nothing will happen apart from the wedding. You should know that." Gem sighed and shook her head. The other snickered. "Yeah right, just because his ex is kept on popping out of nowhere and kept on threatening you about the company. You know that she won't do anything. She's nobody." Irritated, Rose took her seat, crossing her arms around her chest. "She really is no one to me. But for them, she is someone." Gem looked across their long oval table where Red and his friends are talking about something and by the looks of it, she could tell what they are talking about.


"Mom called me because she's worried." Dave said through the screen. After the meeting, Gem and Rose headed back to their office when he suddenly video called her with the rest. "I'm fine. Don't I look like it?" Gem smiled at them which they didn't buy it. "Rose, care to explain to us?" Mark asked not even looking away from her sister. "She's been over thinking about stuff concerning some ex trying to destroy their relationship and the company which I don't believe with the latter." Gem looked at her friend with wide eyes who just shrugged then continue working not minding her friend's dilemma but still near to hear their conversation. "And? I know there's more?" Dave said again pushing his young brother for taking his space. "On contraire, they've been hanging out like a good friend which is weird." Rose added again making Gem sighed.

"Could you guys just tell me why are you calling? I know all of your schedules and I know you won't waste time right about now?" She said trying to persuade them and stop them from asking more questions that she doesn't want to answer, truthfully yet. Cole sighed getting everyone's attention. He was observing his sister and the way she answers is quite different than her usual. "We make time for you and you know that. Go ahead. We have all day for you." Rose looked at her charge and her best friend. She knows that they got her already and for the first time, she shivered. "I don't know what to do. She knows a lot about him and his friends. She kept on telling me that he hates her and that's the only thing that occupied his mind and heart. And I can't help but agree to her. Everything he feels connects to her. Him being mad, aggravated, sad and even alone, she is the only person kept on running around his mind. If I do something, be bad or good, they will be affected by it and I hate it. Whenever I try asking him and his friends, they would always avoid the question." The said girl said with despise which surprise her brothers. "But I can't hate him enough because..." Gem stopped when her breathing became labored as tears slowly fall down from her eyes, visible to Rose and her brothers.

"Because you love him that much." Cole stated making his brothers sigh. They understand now why their sister is having such a difficult time right now. She unmistakably fell in love with him. They know she would do everything to make sure he won't get hurt. That's how she is. "What's the bi... girl's name?" Mark said breaking the silence around the room. Gem fidgeted and is hesitant to answer then stopped wiping her tears. She knows her brothers will do a specific background check on her. Threatening her was one thing but involving the company is way too much. She knows her brothers will do whatever it takes to know everything about her and she doesn't like it one bit. "It's Margarette Castillo." "Rose!" Gem exclaimed. She can't believe she would tell them. "What? Why are you even protecting her? Red doesn't know she's been scaring the hell out of you and trying to destroy the company you are working hard for ever since you're still young. Could you be selfish for once and let your brothers do some work for you? You love him, right?" The said girl didn't respond but her eyes already made it clear for her. The boys watching from the screen could see how frustrated Rose can be and they would be as well. Their sister is kind, too kind for her own good and she would be taken advantage by it. "Then let them do it for you. I'm also worried for my cousin and his friends. You boys know what to do." Rose looked at Gem's brothers who smirked. "Is that even a question needed an answer?" Dave answered then ended the call. Gem felt tired already and the day hasn't ended yet.

To be honest, she's also curious. Who is Marg to even do that to her? Why does she keep on showing up? What is she really up to? More importantly, why is it whenever she shows up or when she just asked something about her, he would be so mad towards her?

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