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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 11

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He's been feeling frustrated about everything since she shows up. Red specifically said to never show her face again and in all the days she would show up, it should be on their wedding day. He knows Gem didn't believe him when he told her they know each other as an acquaintance now and it didn't stop there. His wife has been busy just like him but he would see her awake till dawn doing work and it worries him. Sometimes, she would see her stare into space just like when they are heading to work. Lack of sleep may be the cause of it but he noticed her slip a glance at him, not letting her know that he noticed that. From that, he knows there's something bothering her.

He sighed again then he groaned. "I can't believe this." It was getting better. He thought everything was getting back to normal. He met a girl that brings out his childishness. He is aware of the sudden changes in him. The girl who would do everything for the sake of everyone else and even to him, Gem would do anything for the people she loved. She would even put all her work aside just to help him, may it be needed or not, she would give a hand without being asked. Also, this girl would tell how he was feeling and she would help her calm down in an instant. She wasn't even scared of me and it's scary. But that's what he like about her.

Like? Red is not yet sure what he is feeling right now. His emotions are still unstable, especially most of his anger leads to his ex. "You look like shit." Red sighed as he continued working where he left off. Apparently, business is going as usual but their day seems too slow to move. "What did I told you about barging in? Gem can do that but Ken, you know I hate uninvited guests in my office." He said not looking at his friend. "We did knocked, bro. Trice already and you clearly seem preoccupied." Red looked up to see Jacob smirking on him and as the two gave him a folder. "Anything else?" He asked. "You look like shit and I hope you don't do anything stupid." Ken said then left making Red sigh again. He already lost count on how many times he sighed and it's not good for his mind. "Everyone is moody. So do everyone a favor, listen to us, for once." With that, Jacob left leaving those words for Red.

In the past, he didn't listen to all his friends' warning. At first, they like Marg for me. They trust her and accept her with open arms then eventually everything slowly falls apart. Ken was the first one to notice then the rest followed. He sighed. He groaned. "Why do I have to face it again?" He said to himself. Why am I like this? I hate her, that I'm sure but why is it making me confused? Red is still in his own thoughts when he didn't notice her entering. He had no idea that this girl could tell what he's thinking just by looking.

She's thinking of her. Whenever he's acting like that, she is always in his mind. And still in his heart. But. I won't give up. I will do everything to make him love me. She thought. Until he told her to stop, to end this, Gem will never stop trying.


Lunch is the same as usual. Buffet style never disappoints anyone. And they could still hear the married couple bicker. "You have a digital clock and watch and phone. Try checking them first before you blame me. You're big enough and yet you can't even look at the time, goliath." Gem hissed. "I thought lepricorns are fast since they are small, I was wrong." Red countered. Bickering and all is still the usual which they didn't mind. They've been fighting childishly since they arrive. Call it absurd but this communication is normal for both as well with their friends. It was good that no one noticed Gem's red puffed eyes. At least, she won't worry for them asking the same questions her brothers were giving her. They are enjoying their lunch the way they want when someone came in.

Everyone present inside the lounge looked at her, confused. Dan was smiling, listening to the couples when his eyes wondered around when he saw her walking her way to them. Neil and Mike noticed their friend clenching his fist. When they followed his line of sight, they too fell silent. But before any of them could notice, Gem could already hear her from afar. It's obvious that everyone started falling silent when she entered. Why? It is because she is not supposed to be here, let alone near their boss. Rose looked behind her friend when a specific girl she already despised is already standing inches away from their table. "I didn't know you have a lounge already. Is this how you get everyone's hearts? I should have done this. Now they owe you." Ken and Jacob looked at their side to her smiling sweetly at them. Both felt strangling the girl just to remove her smiling face that made them look like a fool. Then all looked at Red who is about to turn the table where his hands are already clenching his hands too hard and by the looks of it, his more than angry by now. This reaction is what she's been expecting which made her sweet smile turn to a smirked. But Gem put her hands on top of his hands snapping him out. She smiled and again, her magic worked.

Then she looked at everyone and smiled gently to assure them that it will be okay. Everyone felt relaxed for no reason as they watched the said girl stand up and faced their guest. This didn't go unnoticed by Marg and surprisingly, she felt out of place, a sudden slap to her that she didn't belong here at all. "What a surprise Marg. What brings you here? Oh, have you eaten yet?" She asked. Truth to be told, Gem's mad, beyond angry, furious yet just like how she kept on telling everyone who asked, Marg's presence has this kind of effect on them.

And just like that, Gem led the girl to the buffet table and helped her with the food. "So she's that special that made you all angry. Now I understand why." Rose said breaking the tension in their table. Before anyone could ask, she stood up. "I'll help her. She's already beaten by now." No one understood what Rose meant. Not even Ken who is usually best in putting the pieces together, but right now, he's lost. "What's going on?" Mike asked to his friends. "I have no idea." Neil answered. "Sometimes, I wish I know what those girls are thinking about. So we won't be so confused right now." Dan stated looking at his plate already lost his appetite. "Another way to ruin the mood, great." Jacob said sarcasm in every word. "Get your act together. This stunt won't be the first." Ken said as he looked at the person who is deeply affected by her appearance. The rest looked at him, worried for him and for his wife.

"I know. I can tell by the way she looked at us." Red looked at the three girls at the buffet table, chatting happily.

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