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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 12

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The way she calm everyone down, it irks the shit at her. How can she do that? How can she humiliate me like that? They didn't even scream or lose control when they saw me. I hate her. I hate her for getting their trust that easily. I hate her for making Red forgot me immediately. Marg stopped pacing back and forth inside her room when she realizes what she thought. What's wrong with me? Am I jealous? Why am I like this, acting like I'm still in love with him? She thought as she looked around when she notices that she's not present. Her girlfriend is not here, again. Her heart suddenly felt lonely and cold. She would always greet her whenever she arrive and would always smile at her. She smiled at that memory when she noticed something weird. She looked at their photos and closely looked at her partner's smile. "Am I just imagining things or their smile is the same?" She said out loud when she heard someone entered their apartment. Maybe it's all in her mind. She decided about the latter and head her way towards her partner. She smiled at her as the other did the same made her freeze in place.

'No way...'


Once they got home, both went to their respective task. Gem is busy preparing dinner as Red change then after that, he would set the table. It's just their usual night. When Red came out of his room and into their dining room, he saw the most breathtaking sight where Gem is smiling lovingly placing the food on the middle of their table. This scenery never changes and he would always see her like that every time they are together. The weirdest thing here is that, his heart would always pound so loud every single time. Another weird thing is that instead of feeling giddy and excited, he felt warm. It's the warmest gesture he would always see at her and he loved it, a lot.

"Oh, you're here. Food is ready. Mia and Kevin are at the back if you need something. I'll just go and change." Gem said as she smiled then left. He won't get tired by this sensation. This home is almost perfect only, if Red could just sort his feelings. He sighed and set the table when a text message changed everything. His mood suddenly dropped. Gem happily skipped her way towards the dining room in her comfortable clothes when she noticed her husband looked angry again. "Red? Are you-" "Shut the fuck up!" Gem was shocked by his sudden outburst. Mia and Kevin went inside the room feeling the tension inside. "What's wrong? Did something happen?" She asked again as she walked slowly towards him only for Red to snapped at her again. "Shut up! Don't you understand? SHUT YOUR F*CKING MOUTH!" Suddenly, a sound of thunder boomed outside shocked Gem that froze into place but shrugged it off. She wouldn't lose it now, not until Red tells her what's wrong but Mia is already worried for her charge. "I won't until you tell me what's wrong! I'm your wife, whether you like it or not, I have the right to know." She yelled to cover what she's feeling right now.

Then Red looked at her with hatred that caused her to remember the same eyes when the thunder continues to roar around. As so much is happening inside her mind, she didn't noticed that he was already near her. She snapped out of her thoughts when she was hit on the wall, hard making the other two flinched. Immediately, Kevin held him down, Gem couldn't believe what is happening as she watched Red pry the other's grip on him. This guy she loved the most is hurting him not knowing the reason why is he doing this. "That's not enough reason to know if I could trust you enough. I agree to this marriage because I have to protect you and nothing else. Get your act together. You took away everything I have already, what else do you want?" With wide eyes, she watched Red leave home with those words leaving behind. Uneven breaths, head pounding as the thunder crashing like its' just inches away from her. Gem felt scared and out of control. Her knees buckled making her fall to the ground holding the table cloth, making everything on top fall with her. When a glass shattered near her, a small shard was able to cut her right side of her body. When Gem felt fluid dropping at her side, she looked down only to see blood, her blood and yet her eyes could see the ground not their floor. When she looked up, she didn't see their table and the walls of their house, instead, she saw a trail of blood from her when she noticed two bodies. Not just anyone but her parents. Instead of seeing Mia and Kevin near her, she saw a girl with the same eyes as Red's angry ones and a smile so deadly and dark running towards her with a knife. It was fast. One minute she was sitting, now, she was falling down with an indescribable pain on her stomach. With a loud cry, she fell backward only to feel small hands catching her from behind.

When she looked up, she saw Mia, frantic as she cradled her that relaxes her a bit. Before she could lose consciousness, she heard a voice and it gives her relief. She felt another presence near her and a much larger hand underneath her. There, she met the most beautiful eyes she could see. She smiled. "You're back." Then she passed out.


Damn. 'I can't believe I did that to her.' He groaned, messing his hair with his other hand as he looked at his phone where the message is still present.

'I'm surprise that you still have your old number. I thought you bought a new one. I guess I'm still special. I know by the time you read this, you'll be so mad because you can't accept the fact that you still love me. I can see it in your eyes. I'll be waiting for you tomorrow at the usual place. I'll be waiting. I love you baby.' – Marg.

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