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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 13

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He sighed.

Red went outside just to get some fresh air. He looked up the sky to see dark clouds with lightning and thunder that it brings. It will rain. He sighed again. Even the weather is not even helping the situation he is in. Right now, he needs to sort out his feelings. He needs to know, must see for himself who is Marg and Gem in his life. He needs to sort this out before something happens, or before anything else happens. When he looked at his phone and pressed home, the picture he took flashed. It was a picture of Gem smiling during their wedding photo shoot. The background was fake flowers and flower hair band around her head giving her a natural glow making her a goddess of nature making everything around her real.

At that moment, it was perfect and he has to take a picture to keep that memory. No one has yet found out about it and he will make sure it stays that way for a while. He smiled. It always gave him that sense of love and warmth he couldn't feel when he was with Marg. Then it hit him. Red loved all the little things Gem has done for him and his friends. He enjoyed the way they bicker making his childlike heart to show that he manage to suppress because he has an image to maintain. Every day with her was fun and full of warmth, a place where he could be anyone he liked to be and not worried because it's just her. Red knows he trust her, care for her, and worried for her because she the person would do the same even if they are strangers but he was afraid to show it. He can't let another person he loved the most betrayed him again and yet, Gem is different. He knows that this girl will never hurt him, more he could feel it.

Instinct, everything is relied on his instinct. "Darn it..." He hissed at himself. Of all the time to be figuring his feelings, why it have to be now? Karma will really hit you hard and unexpectedly but he didn't think it would be this fast. It was his fault from the very beginning. If he just accept the fact that he had fallen in love with her the moment she calmed him down, then this wouldn't happen. He sighed for another time. Even before the day end, he's been sighing endlessly. He sighed again. Things are not really going the way he hoped to be. Then suddenly he heard painful scream from the inside. Red felt cold and he could feel his heart racing a mile with ever second until it was gone. Without wasting any more time, he ran back inside when he heard a frantic voice inside the dining room. He followed the voices until he saw the most terrifying sight he couldn't imagine. The girl he just accepted in his heart and mind that he love, laying on the floor with streaks of blood on her side and Mia holding her gently and tightly in her arms and then I notice Kevin getting the first aid kit from the cupboard in the kitchen. He called him. "Call an ambulance. We need to get her to a hospital." Kevin looked at him and immediately followed. Expect him to be calm but he could see he's about to break with every minute he watched his wife, suffering to something he doesn't know even him.

Immediately but gently, Red went beside Gem and took her from Mia's arms. "Get everything she needed before the ambulance arrives. I'll take care of her from now on." He ordered and she rushed to do it. She not really angry at him for hurting her charge because she knows that whatever is happening to Gem is something concerns with her past. Red doesn't have any idea that everything that happened a while ago was a trigger, to refresh her mind about the memories she forcedly pushed back to protect her own self from suffering more than she could take. Red looked down at his wife but he was surprised to see her smiling so gentle that made him even guiltier for hurting her. Until she passed out, she left words he couldn't believe he was hearing up until now when he carried her on his arms. Those words will always be in his memory and a reminder that Gem is always waiting for him to come back. Then when the ambulance came and before she was taken from him, he kissed her forehead and whispered words full of love.

"I'm back."

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