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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 14

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Knowing that their beloved sister, the three brothers didn't waste time and went to the hospital regardless of their busy schedules. When they arrived, they saw Red seated outside the emergency room, waiting. "How is she?" Mark asked, surprising the other but answered immediately. "The doctors are still checking if there are more damages on her but anything else, she's fine." The three sighed then looked at their brother in law who looked confused. "Is there something wrong?" Cole asked putting his hand over his shoulder to assure him. "I'm sorry that this happened to your sister. I think it was my fault that's why she's here and I don't..." Then Dave signaled him that everything's alright.

"Mia told us everything already. Well you did hurt our sister but that is a bit understandable knowing you have temper issues at the same time, I'm not sure if that is forgivable or not. You know I could hit you right here, right now and I'm using every bit of my mind to control it because of our sister. But not all that happened to her was your fault." Dave explained seeing how relieved and confused Red is already. "A lot has happened to Gem and her family. I know you have an idea who her real parents are and what happened to them. She was the only remaining in her family and because of this, she is traumatized by all. We are not in the position to tell everything so when she's ready, she'll be the one to tell you everything you needed to know." Cole assured Red who didn't expect them to be so calm.

He was already expecting them to be hitting him hard knowing how protective they are. But, this outcome was never in his mind. At the exact moment, the doctor came out. "Mr. Gonzales?" Red immediately went near the doctor. "Yes? How's my wife?" He asked. "Everything's fine. She was having a panic attack which causes her to black out. Also, there are signs of over fatigue that causes more effect on her during the attack. I suggest avoiding her getting too much stress and also, give her time to rest. She would still have severe headaches due to her mind forcing her already to remember. When that time comes, tell her to accept them. If she has to tell to anyone, make sure you and everyone else that is close to your wife would be there. At least she won't feel scared." The doctor said giving assuring smiles to him and with everyone else. "Can we see her?" Dave asked. "Of course, after you sign some papers, everything will be set. Please excuse me."

Then the doctor left as a nurse guide them where they could sign papers. When everything was settled, Dave and Cole went out to buy breakfast with Mia and Kevin to buy needed for Gem during her stay. Leaving Mark and Red inside the room where they could see Gem sleeping peacefully. Red looked at her right arm bandaged up and felt bad and miserable. "As much as I want to kill you right now, I can't do it because I don't want my precious sister killing me." Mark chuckled then went to her side and patted her hair gently. Red looked at him, envious on how affectionate he is to her and very opened about it. Not only him, even everyone else are very opened about it and they didn't care about what other people say. The other noticed his eyes made him smile at him. 'I can't believe I have a shy brother in law.' He chuckled again getting the other's attention. "You don't have to be shy when you're showing how you feel about someone. Just be real. Girls like it when their man is the first one taking the initiative." Mark smiled at him when he noticed a slight blush from the other's face. He knows Red was one hard to crack. He may fight with her sister a lot and he saw how amused he is or more like having fun and that's the only thing he sees in him, not this. Then the moment he saw a blush, it changed immediately to a scowl. Mark silently laughed at this. He may not hurt the guy but seeing how embarrassed and shy this person is, he already made his revenge.

"Gem may not be our real sister, she will always be our baby sister we all took cared of. All of us wanted to make everything alright for her so we are doing our best to know who is after her now that she's the only one left. Maybe, this is bound to happen. We need her memories to support on what we have." Mark said as he was about to leave, he patted Red's shoulders and gripped firmly. "Take care of her and good luck with our mother." Then he left where he saw his brothers waiting for him to leave. He smiled then looked at Mia and Kevin and gestured them to head inside. "I bet Papa is already having a hard time stopping Mama from getting the earliest flight to get home or stopping her calling for their private plane for an immediate flight back." Dave said making his other little brothers chuckle at the idea. "I just hope they won't do that. They still have many things to do there and all of our efforts will be put to waste if they do that." Cole added as they head their way to their own cars. "Well, I already give Red a heads up with our mother so he might as well be prepared for the worst right?" Mark stated making all of them laughed. Well, they have all the right to be laughing at his soon to be misery.

No, they don't hate the guy, but having a little revenge is not bad.


News spread already inside Infinity Line and rumors are faster to make than knowing the truth, if they are allowed to know it. For the boys, they partly think that those rumors are true, why? It's because some girl's appearance made it worst. "I warned you already or do you want me to repeat it again?" Ken said chilling inside their friend's office. He groaned and pinched his nose bridge to calm himself down. Red already expected this. He already felt the mini revenge her brothers made as his parents and in laws reprimanding and scolding him. He already predicted that the reprimanding is far from over. "Cut him some slack guys. He already learned his lesson, the hard way." Mike teased only annoyed the hell out of him when the rest laughed at his misery.

"Kidding aside. How is she?" Dan asked when everyone else quieted down. "She's still asleep. The doctors told me that she needs a lot of rest. But I didn't think it will take this long. If she didn't wake up in a week, another test will be made." His friends can sense how troubled he is and very worried towards her. But they already saw him like that during their wedding when Gem invited Marg. It is more evident now and very open to them. "She'll be fine. Maybe she's stress about everything and with secrets almost out in the open, she is bound to think too much. Girls tend to be like that to the person they love." Neil said out of the blue while comfortably drinking coffee that they brought. "Since when did you understand girls? The last time I check, you haven't had a girlfriend nor a sister to begin with, bro." Jacob said throwing a crumpled table napkin at him as the other hissed and did the same. "F*ck off bro. I just noticed the changes and if you're not that observant then I don't know how to explain it to make you understand." The other said only to hear another groan from the person they all have been talking about. "Damn you bastards." Red hissed making them laugh again. He hates it when his friends make things so obvious that made him look dumber than ever. He always looked smart and wise but right now, he's the dumbest person on earth. He sighed and groan on how he's being stupid. "Just relax for now. The company is stable and meetings are being rescheduled up until next week so I hope by then, things are back to normal or more than normal." Ken said sliding a cup of coffee in front of him.

Inhaling the scent, he remembered the raspberry tea Gem made for him to help him calm down. It has been a while since then and he's craving for it now. Hopefully, she would still make him some when she wakes up and if ever she forgives him. But nonetheless, it put a smile on his face and it didn't go unnoticed by his friends.

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