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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 15

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A pretty girl running in her floral dress around the house looking around, under the tables, inside the closets and even the kitchen counter if she's hiding there. Up until now, she hasn't found her, yet. "Sammy! I know you're around here and I will find you. And if I do, you'll buy me my favorite ice cream!" She said excited to win her price when she passed by a window, noticing a dress floating on their swimming pool. She stop running for a while and check who could be swimming when it's raining hard outside and in a dress. Squinting her eyes, she saw a very familiar dress she just saw that a while ago. Then without thinking, she ran almost tripping on her own feet also screaming too loud getting the attention of everyone inside the house. Their parents, maids and even the butlers followed the young girl only to fasten their pace when they saw her heading outside but they are a little slow to catch up with her.

When they reached outside, Allan, her father noticed her slow down and was about to jump into the pool when he managed to get her and was about to get her back inside when his daughter kept on fidgeting. Then that's the only time he looked at the pool and it was not what he expects. Without wasting any more time, he dived in with the other two of their butlers when they also saw what their boss had seen. Rea, her mother already near her daughter grabbed her tight. "What are you doing Gem? It's raining..." "Sammy is in the pool!" Rea looked immediately at the pool and there she saw her husband already carrying their daughter out of the pool. Calling one of her maids ordered her to keep Gem away only for the girl to pry away from the maid and watch her parents revive her big sister. "Sammy?! Samantha, wake up! Someone call the ambulance." Without even saying it, one of the maids already called before Rea could even order them. But as much as Allan put pressure, it was already late. Rea looked at him already understood what he was doing but didn't take it well. "No. NO!" Drenched in rain, Gem watched in horror everything that is happening around her and she wouldn't forget her sisters pale face, lips already lost its color when suddenly everything around her changed.

Now, she found herself seated between her parents, lying on the ground. "Mama?" She said trying to wake her mother up when she felt something in her hands and when she looked at it, there was blood. Shocked, she immediately looked at her father but later then regretted it. Because she also saw him bleeding profusely and there's no stopping it. "Papa, wake up. You're joking right? It's not funny anymore Papa. Wake up!" Still shaking their bodies, she already knows what everything around her means but doesn't want to accept it. Why, because she doesn't want to believe it. "They are dead, Gem. Accept it already because-"

This time Gem looked up to see familiar eyes and couldn't believe her eyes. But before she could even react or even speak, the girl was already inches away from her with a knife already plunged in her and was pulled out slowly. "You'll be joining them."


It had been three days already and Gem is still asleep. "Why not take a rest? I know you took your leave and the boys are doing their part for now but staying up through day and night is not good." Rose said combing the girl's hair. She has been observing Red for these past days and clearly, he's blaming himself for what happened to her friend. Well, he'd better be since she already gave him her piece of mind and she could see that he was expecting it. He was about to answer when she cut him off. "And please, don't tell me 'I'm not tired' because that's the only answer you've been giving me since day one. Why not try and say something to her?" She asked. He sighed. "What do you want me to say?" Rose looked at him, watching him holding her friend's hand and looking at her eyes as if it will flutter any moment. She sighed. "Anything. You may not know, she might be listening right now." Rose looked intently at him when he caressed Gem's face with such care as if the girl would break just by touching. "I'll tell everything to her when she wakes up. But there's one thing I will share." Red then smiled so warm. Even Rose could feel it. She already knows just by that smile. Of course, Erick would always give it to her and it took her long enough that that smile was for her and for her best friend.

"She's the most kind and caring person I ever met and at the same time, the most naïve. I didn't ask her to do it but she took the initiative on doing it. We both are not even friends to begin with and managing a large company together is bad from the start and yet, there she is, already gaining my trust and everybody else." He said rubbing his thumb on her hand. "Well, that's how she really is. She would do everything to make things easier for everyone and she doesn't give a damn if she has to work alone on hard tasks." Red looked at Rose who kept on combing his wife's hair. She looked at him. "Are you planning on telling her everything, even about Marg?" Red nodded. "I just hope nothing else happen when I do." Rose smiled at how determined this guy is. Watching Mike and his friends, or more like her brothers, this is the first time he sees a very prideful Red admitting that he let someone, a stranger, in, immediately gaining his trust. "Good luck with that. You need it." She said.

Both chuckled and let the serene feeling flow around the room when suddenly, he felt his wife trembled. Immediately, he held it firmly. Worried etched in his eyes as Rose cupped Gem's face to see clearly what's going on with her. "Nightmares? Is this normal?" He asked in panic. "I think so." She said then pressed the call button for the nurse's station. Then Red cupped her face to see tears flowing down her eyes, a sign that whatever she's dreaming right now must be her memories, just like what the doctors predicted. As Rose ordered anyone in charge to call the doctor immediately, he tried shaking and even sprinkling some water over her face but it doesn't wake her up. Without any more options and the doctor are already taking his sweet time, Rose is already getting impatient when Red leaned forward and she wasn't expecting what happens next.

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