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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 16

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"Her body is responding well with the medicines so there's nothing to be worried about. It still takes a toll on her when her body is forcing her to remember some of her memories she unconsciously forget due to trauma. Just be patient with her and just give her painkillers whenever her head hurts. Migraine is usually the symptoms for this case. Also, make sure to let her open up and keeping it to herself will only cause problems." The doctor said. "When is she allowed to leave?" He asked. The doctor smiled at him. "She can leave today if you want. She's well rested only shaken because of her memories but other than that, I think some fresh air would do her some good."

Happy with the news, Red entered the room seeing his wife, awake and smiling beautifully to her best friend filling her in on what happen when she was asleep. His felt his heart pounding crazy when his eyes landed on those sweet lips, remembering what he had done awhile ago. Gem also looked at her husband which her heart can't stop pounding already when she looked at his lips and can't help but blush instantly. The room suddenly fell silent and the two could hear their hearts beating fast and if exaggeration is the limit, Rose could hear it. She coughed to get their attention and chuckle when they both are embarrassed. "Well? What did the doctor say?" She asked, trying to hide her amusement and laughter. "Uh-he said that your body is fine. There are painkillers prescribed if needed and we can leave if you like." He said as he composed himself and directly told it to his wife. "That's great. I'll take care of the papers and call for Mia and Kevin. You take care of Gem and her things, okay?" Without even waiting for him to protest, Rose is already out leaving the couple inside. 'Really. They are too cute. But, that was a good move, kissing your very own sleeping beauty, what a cute tale to tell.' Rose thought then chuckled and did the preparations. She can't wait to see when the two will realize that they have feeling for one another.

When their friend left, the two looked at one another only to evade each other's eye contact with a blush from them. Red rubbed shoulders and starts packing up as Gem play with her fingers as if that's the most fascinating thing to do. "I'm sorry." And then silence. Then, realization came last making them look at each other, surprised. "Why?" He asked after packing and breaking the silence. Truth to be told, he was taking his time gathering his courage to speak to the girl he loves. This was the first and for Red, getting courage was unheard of. But, hearing her apologizing is really getting in his nerves. Why? It's because... He looked at her who looked innocent and naïve as if he's the weird person to ask such question. "Because, I force something that made you angry and I know you're already mad when I asked. I shouldn't have pried but-" Gem was cut off when she heard him, chuckle. Hearing him laugh like that again feels like heaven. This is one of the reasons why she started have feelings for her husband, hearing him laugh makes him childish when his outer image says otherwise.

"You're really naïve. What should I do with you?" Red said and smiled. Again, she was taken back. She can't believe he's smiling and at the same time, hearing a teasing and playful tone from his voice. This never happen before. 'Did something happen when I was asleep?' With Gem being thinking too much, she didn't noticed that her husband was walking towards her and is now in front of her and when Red took hold of her hands, she's back to reality. She instantly looked up to see him, staring directly at her with such gentle and caring eyes at the same time, guilt and worry but mostly, his eyes looks tired and restless. She didn't understand what is happening and why would he hold her right now but she didn't ask. She wants this, this to last long because there might not be anytime that this would happen again. "I have many things to say and this is not the right place to tell most of it but there's something I have to tell you now before anything else. So, please, listen well. I will just say it once." He said firmly but gently as well. She didn't answer him but he could see that his wife has his full attention.

"I'm sorry for the things I had done to you. Getting mad and hurting you is already too much. This is my first and venting them on you is not right. I am very sorry. Also, don't apologize for something you don't have control over." Gem was about to speak when he looked at her, reminding her of their agreement and closed her mouth. He smiled. "You knew something going on between me and Marg." He noticed her eyes widen then changed back to normal but this time, he noticed sadness. This is the first time he saw her real feelings. Some say, when you look at the person directly, you will see their real feelings just from their eyes. This never happened before. There were changes from her expression but he didn't expect to see a small smile on her lips. He continued. "She is someone we can't forget. I think you know that she has this impact on us. But now, you came and started making things everyone is thankful for. You've done a lot that not even Marg can do without expecting in return. You're smile is very precious and it always gives anyone a fresh feeling. Everyone is captivated by it. Even me."

If this is a dream, Gem didn't want to wake up. She would store this moment inside her mind and make it last long. In case she needs it, she would just think and remember the feeling over and over again. She didn't know up until when Red would be like this so this is better than nothing. "Always remember this. You are not alone anymore. I'm here. So when you felt scared, call me. Even if I'm away, call me. I'll do my best to get to you. I promise."

Gem didn't know what to feel right now. Everything was a mess but feeling the warmth in his hands and his promise, her tears started to flow. Red panicked. He didn't know what to do. When Marg was crying, he has to bribe his way just to stop her from crying but, Gem is different. Bribing would never work on her. He tried it already and it didn't work. Seeing him like that already was enough to make her laugh. So, when Red was trying his best to calm her down in the most hilarious way by panicking, laughing was one way of doing it. He stopped whatever he was doing and looked at the girl who can't even breathe properly and clutching her stomach to prove that she had gone crazy laughing. "" Raising an eye brow, she then slowly calms down and spoke clearly. "This is the first seeing you panic. You never panicked before so it's very funny."

Both looked at each other then laughed. At least she's laughing. That's better than crying. He thought as they get comfortable and talking they didn't notice Rose is already watching them for awhile with a smile.


It has been a week already and two people haven't replied to her messages. She's been restless and trembling. She looked at the time.

'She'll be home. What to do?' She rubbed her hands then flinched. She could still feel the bruises her partner gave her. This is the first time she was abused. She's been to different relationships but never she felt violated like this before. This all happened when she accidentally saw a case under their bed.

Going through the papers inside, Marg found something and at the right moment, she arrived. Asking was the first thing she did. "Who are Allan and Rea Javier? Who is Gem Javier? Why are you so obsessed in destroying her life? Who are you?!" She screamed made the other lose her control and hit her abdomen. "Shut up, you useless whore. Who am I doesn't matter to you. If you don't want to die, just do what I asked." Then she was kicked to the ground and then stepped on her arms, hard earning a bruise.

Up until this day, she is abused when she can't get any news and today would be another beating. She scrolls down her contacts in her phone then she saw her best friend's number. She called. "I need your help."

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