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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 17

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His best friend hasn't contacted him after his wedding when she told him that she won't be attending. Not that he mind the sudden meeting but her voice was different. It's worrisome. She seems troubled and shaken and hurried. She never asked helped as desperate as this. He said to himself as he drank his coffee while waiting for her to arrive. A chime from the cafe's door heard throughout the place indicating that someone arrive. Then he looked up only to see her enter, looking frantic and scared. He was about to call her when she spotted him and immediately sat across him.

"Are you-" "I don't have much time. Please help me. I need to know who are Allan, Rea and Gem Javier. Anything will be fine. Please, Erick." She cut him off. This is the first time he is seeing her so desperate and anxious. She's even begging as if she's in a life and death situation.

Erick studied her carefully and of all the years they've been best pals, she looks pale than normal. Dark circles under her eyes as she looked everywhere as if she's afraid of something. Erick reached out and gently gripped her arm when she suddenly hissed and removed her arm from his reach. He looked at her, more worried and confused. That action is already enough for him to know that she's in pain. Then he remembered the names she said. Those names are very important to Gem but 'How did she know them?' "Why?" Marg looked at her best friend. She knows that she's being suspicious. Those names aren't even related to her or to him but with Erick's abilities, he could easily get that information in a snap.

Of course, she doesn't have any idea that Erick knows those people even without his abilities. "I'll tell you when I have the information. I just want you to trust me. Please Erick. I can't talk right now and even stay out for too long because-" "Marg? I didn't know you're meeting someone." Erick then noticed how horrified Marg is right now, with her eyes widening.

Everything's weird. The moment she entered and her begging for information and also, her constant pleading are not in her to act. Now, she's scared, terrified even and if this is one of her new actions, then something's up. He then looked up to see who spoke only to regret it.

'This can't be...'


"Are you even sure? You might be seeing things?" Erick sighed and looked at his wife. "I wish I am, dear." He said again. Rose suddenly felt her insides freeze. She knows that he doesn't lie about these things especially if it concerns their closest friend. "Did you get her name?" Ray asked.

Ever since that incident, Erick can't rest his mind. He can't even believe his eyes for seeing the girl and how she is connected to Marg. That's why they are here, inside Dave's office, having their private conversation first day of the week. "Her name is Samantha Havier, sir." He said. "How did you think she's the Samantha we knew? It's impossible that she's alive. We saw her." Carla said pointing out that they have seen the girl, lifeless inside the hospital and even during her wake to her burial. She was there. Lily comforts her friend beside her and looked at him. "Erick, do you have any idea what is the connection between this Margarette and Samantha?" The man looked at her and everyone else. He sighed again. "They are in a relationship ma'am but..." All could see how troubled is the guy is from explaining. It seems that he's confused as well.

"Wait." Rose spoke which gathered their attention. "Is this Margarette you know, do you know where she works?" It was a random question and it's not even related to what they are talking about but nonetheless, her husband answered her, curious what she's thinking. "I don't know where she works now but she used to be in Infinity Line as the CEO's secretary." Then the couple had realized who they are talking about. "Hey! What's going on? Do you know her?" Mark asked. The three sons had been listening to the conversation when they noticed the couple's reaction. "We know her, separately, sir. She has been my best friend ever since I can remember." Erick said. "I knew her when she barged in inside Infinity Line. She is Red's former secretary and lover." Rose explained slowly and gently when Dave suddenly stood up, surprising his parents and their friends. "Are you telling me that this Margarette or Marg is the same girl that kept on threatening Gem for a long time and she's connected to this Samantha?!" Cole calmed his big brother and looked at his parents and explained. "Do you know that this best friend's of yours could be a b*tch? She's been messing our sister's relationship with Red. Is she that desperate?" Mark cursed earning a glare from his mother but didn't care for now. It's because of that girl that Gem has been suffering. He didn't care if he would be scolded but if it's for his sister then it will be worth it.

Suddenly, Erick lifted him with his collar not minding that he's his boss as Ray and Luis trying to break the two. "I knew her more than any of you think of her. She's not a whore like you mean. Thanks to you, I could get the gist of what's going on with her." He roughly let go of him and looked at everyone. Rose is already beside him, trying to calm him. "Marg called me during my break. For the years I've known her, calling during office hours isn't her thing. It's annoying and disturbing even when I told her that it would be okay. This time, it's different. She called and she sounded troubled. When I saw her, I notice how restless she is. She was frantic when she asked if I know the information about the Javier's. I was shocked since no one knows these people around this time. But here she is, asking about them. When I held her arm, she flinched, a sign that she's being abused. Then that Samantha came in and you don't know how terrified she is. Terrified is not even the word fit for it. Now tell me, you're smart Mark. Connect them. Maybe you would find how connected these people, so connected." ]

Everyone in the room tried to think of all the possibilities as to why these people are so connected when Cole sighed getting their attention. "It's just a guess but I think I know what Erick is trying to say." He looked at them then continued. "Marg may be a strong and independent girl but every girl has a weak heart. Even when she is still in a relationship with Red, Samantha gave the girl the attention she needed, the love she needed when Red can't. So she broke up with him so she could be with her. Then Gem's and Red's engagement was announce and their marriage. Around that time, the two showed up with a girl during their wedding day. The same girl who kept on getting in between the two, up until this day, Marg was in every picture. Now, she met Erick asking for the Javier's background and coincidentally, this Samantha showed up. The Samantha that who looked exactly like the Samantha we know. This situation is not even a coincidence for all how these things are connected."

Cole's explanation seem possible and if the Samantha, Erick met does look like her then something happened during her death. "Make Margarette meet us tonight. Do whatever it takes." Luis said. It didn't even come out as a favor. It was a command that is needed to be done immediately. Erick was taken back at the command but he already on his way out with his phone already on his ear. Then Ray looked at his sons. "Investigate Samantha Javier's grave and even her health record until she died. Everything that is connected to her, get it. Also, the car accident happened seven years ago. Tell us when you found something. But do this when you're alone or together. I don't want anyone to know this, especially Gem and Red. Even their friends, they must be out of this. Make sure they don't find out, Rose." He said and then looked at Rose who nodded.

For seven years, this is the only lead they have. Regardless how absurd with the fact that the person they all believed is dead, is in fact alive and seem connected to everything. They really need to start where it all began and that is the death of Samantha Javier sixteen years ago.

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