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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 18

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A few days after Gem was discharge from the hospital, Red plans on taking her out on a date just to make her relax and have fun. Everything is still stressful for his wife and if he wants to know what she dreamt of, she needs to relax first so that telling won't be too much for her. "Are you sure it's okay to not go to work today? I'm already better." Gem said as they eat their breakfast. "Yeah, why wouldn't? The others are there to handle everything. And this could be good for us to know truly of one another." Red said then looked up and smiled at her. His smile even got wider when he noticed her blush and looked down and continued eating. Her heart started beating fast when he smiled so handsomely at her. It's not that she's exaggerating it but this smile reached to his eyes and it doesn't usually happen. Now, she can't wait for their date to start. This would be their first day out as a couple and she can't help but feel excited and at the same time, nervous. She wasn't expecting this and whatever her husband seem happy which she liked. Just like how he requested for her to make him tea a while ago. Unknowingly, she smiled again. Then she looked up to see him drinking the tea she made and she felt flutters whenever he smiled widely every after he drinks. 'He likes my tea, that's great.' At least the tea helped them get a little closer.

When they were done eating and helping Mia and Kevin putting the dishes away, Red called her before she could enter her room. They may be married but since they are not comfortable sleeping with each other yet, they both thought of sleeping in different rooms. When the time comes, they would sleep inside the master's bedroom together on their own. "Just wear something comfortable and nice." Then he smiled again but this time, it's sweet and gentle. Even when they both closed their doors to prepare for today, Gem couldn't help but feel like a little girl feeling their first love. She can't even help herself, squealing like a teenager. Whatever they are doing, she knows that it would be fun. It's also a good opportunity to know one another like he said. She never felt this giddy before. Erick did make her heart flutter but to be honest, it didn't last long. She even has to force herself to feel giddy just so she could tell herself that he love him and now, when she thought of it, what she felt was not even love. Wearing a nice shirt and black shorts with a pair of sandals, she looked at her mirror feeling good about her outfit, she put on cream and a little lipstick to add color on her face. When she felt okay with what she's wearing, she got her bag and headed out. Once outside, she saw her husband smiling at her holding a bouquet of flowers. She blinked twice making the latter chuckle and walked towards her then gave her the flowers. "You're not dreaming, silly. This is real." He said teasingly making her pout only made him chuckle more. She then smiled and looked at the flowers and smelled them. "Thank you. They're beautiful." Gem said and smiled brightly at him. He felt his heart skipped a beat and because of this, he went closer and kissed her cheeks making her blush. "You're beautiful, Gem." Surprised yet again when she looked up after he kissed her and she saw his eyes up close. They showed what she didn't expect. He looked at her with love and tenderness. She knows that the eyes are the windows to the true feelings of the one who owns them and she hoped that everything right now is real. Covering up her fast heart beat, she smiled lovingly to him. "Thank you Red." He smiled then took her hand as they walked to the car. That's when she was able to check him out. And she can't believe how handsome he is right now, not that he wasn't everyday but seeing him wearing something simple like a shirt and a pair of shorts with comfortable shoes, he looked way better than suits. Watching them leave, Mia and Kevin looked happy for them.

"I never thought I'd see him this sweet and romantic. The boys would love to hear this." Kevin said as they both went back inside. "Well, this is the first time I saw her very happy." Mia said as she continues doing their chores before they leave the house. The two gave them a day off and it's a perfect opportunity to relax and have fun. After all, they are not the only ones who are allowed to go on a date.


Sightseeing was nice. The nature was breathtaking for the both of them. The first stop was at a nature's park where you could stroll around surrounding with different plants and trees with flowers blooming beautifully and animals that are not harmful for people who are just walking around. With their entwined hands, they walked around and just let their surroundings be their solace. They talked about themselves as they asked questions each. Some simple ones like, hobbies, favorite things like colors and anything. They are just random questions but they like how things are. They would laugh at one another and even understood things when they don't agree in one topic. It was fun for them.

Their next stop was in an art museum. One of the places Gem liked to visit. It's because she sees the different sides of each artists who displayed their work. It gives her an inspiration of different things. It can be emotions, experiences or even troubles, anything that can help her think and understand why they made this. Red, on the other hand was not used to artistic ventures like this but seeing and observing, he can't help but be amazed on how people who could create such great things in so many ways.

Both shared their thought about every picture they saw and one particular painting struck the most. In a particular room, there's a painting of a beautiful lady but it was not yet done. As if it was left there without even finishing it. "Do you think it was purposely done like this or it wasn't really done at all?" Red asked as they both looked at the painting. "I think the painter purposely finished it like this." Gem said then pointed the painters initial at the bottom part of the canvas. "Maybe something came up and he didn't manage to finish it. It's sad." She continued. He looked at her, sadden at how the painting was not finish. As if she could see what happen, why it wasn't done. "It does look sad but whoever painted this, decided to display it as is because, he or she wants to tell us something. Maybe this girl is special and he or she wants to make the people know that even its unfinished, the girl still looked beautiful. That is something, I think the painter wanted to tell that every girl is beautiful whether they be wearing make – up or not, looked perfect or not, they are beautiful. You're beautiful." Red said looking at her directly thru her eyes when he said it. She blushed and smiled.

Whenever he complements her, she would always blush. She wasn't used to this treatment and it still gives her butterflies inside her stomach, a feeling she learned to love. "Let's go. We still have places to go." He locked her hand in his giving each other that sense of warm and love as they head out to head their way to their next destination.

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