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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 19

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Now, they are at a place where kids like to be in a mall. Funny as it seems but at this moment, Gem is laughing at Red when he keep on correcting her about a cartoon that they watched when they were kids. "I'm telling you, that's how they transform. Stop laughing." He complained like a little boy only making Gem laugh a little harder. "I thought you watched this?" He again complained while asking. "Yeah but the way you're doing is way funnier than how they do it on the show." She explained trying to cover her laugh only to laugh again when she saw him doing those embarrassing actions like a kid. She never thought that her husband is this childish and funny. Who would have thought that the cool looking, straight face and strict CEO of Infinity Line could be childish when his favorite toy was there? No one and it's nice to see him like this. Gem couldn't be even happier to see his free and childish side. "So do you want me to buy it?" She asked, teasing the guy when he attacked her with tickles. This is really the first time they have done something this fun and a bit intimate. They really look like a couple. Everyone found them cute and sweet. And when Gem held his hand to make him stop, she looked up, her eyes widen. She didn't notice how close they are then he too was shocked but he just smiled and planted a simple short kiss on her lips making her blush at the action.

"You know, I've been kissing you a lot today. When could you kiss me back, I wonder?" He asked smirking making him blush even more then she playfully hit him. "I never knew you're like this but," Gem smiled but her blushing hasn't gone away and said, "You may never know when I will give you that kiss so just watch out, 'kay?" Then she winked making him blushed as well. Another side of Gem just showed up, her playful side. A challenged that the girl proposed making him smirked. "Then, I'll be watching you very closely." Both smiled as they continue they're date as they felt closer than ever before.


After eating lunch and walking around, buying some stuff here and there, then headed back when Gem just remembered something. "We need to buy something for dinner. We are the ones cooking tonight for dinner." She said as they walked back to their car. "Oh yeah. I forgot about that. What do you want?" Red asked as he opens the passenger door for her. Gem smiled and entered then waited for Red to enter at the driver's seat. "I don't know. When I tried cooking, you didn't..." She stopped. Red looked at her when he realizes where she was heading. Before he could speak, he fastened her seatbelt, surprising her on how close they are and he looked at her. "Why not try making it again? I'm sure it won't go to waste." And then he kissed her on the lips but a little longer, shocking her. But before he could end it, she responded, surprising him.

This would be the first she returned the gesture and excites him. As they both ended the kiss, Gem looked at him. "I told you to watch out didn't I? Alright, I'll cook." She said smiling with a blushed faced and Red can't help but kiss her again. "I can't believe how cute you are right now. Okay, I'll be expecting a lot, honey." She smiled at the endearment and kissed him back on the cheek, another unexpected gesture that made him smile. Both have the same feeling for one another but then again, they are not sure whether they are true or not. They've been acting like a real couple only they haven't said those three powerful words to confirm their emotions. But that can wait over dinner. They have a lot to talk about on where they stand and what are the things that they needed to know more, something that it will take a lot in telling. An experience and feelings that they need to understand and release now that they'll be with each other until the day they die.

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