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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 20

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Dinner was fun compared the last time. Gem cooked the same dish she prepared before she was hospitalized and talked about what happened today gave them laughs, fun bickering and remembering the feeling of serenity. When silence came to them, both felt a sudden tensed feeling. Not sure what it means but maybe, both have something to ask but afraid to offend or hurt the other and yet, they are curious and crave to know more about each other. Red was the first one to break the silence. "Every night, after you were discharge, you get these nightmares." He noticed the girl tensed then put his hand over her so that she can look at him. When she did, he smiled to give comfort. "I want to know what they are. I want to help you. Being beside you is not enough to ease your pain. I need to understand what your fears are because I want you to feel more secured and safe around me. Can you share them with me?" Gem could see that he cared for her. She could see in his eyes that he's worried about her and sincere of what she's feeling. Even though she felt scared remembering those memories, she could only remember his warm touch and kiss when she woke up that day. It's like a spell to break every pain she's feeling with just a kiss. She smiled and then holds his hands firmly to make her feel that this is not a dream anymore and her husband is just in front of her, if anything happens, he's there like he promised.

"It was one stormy day, just like that night, and me and my big sister played hide and seek inside the house. It was my turn to find her. Then we made a deal, when I find her within the time limit, she'll buy me my favorite ice cream. I looked for her every place that she usually hides, under the bed, inside the cabinets, between couches, but she wasn't there. And then when I was running, I passed by one of the windows when I saw her. The same floral dress our mother gave to us that day, floating above our swimming pool. I thought I was dreaming at that time but how many times I tried to deceive myself, the truth is already there. My sister died. Mama told me she drowned. It was scary. Up until now, I could see her face, pale and lifeless." He felt her trembled with every word she said but that didn't stop him for giving her the comfort she needed. He wiped her tears away making her realize that she was crying.

"I'm sorry. I just can't stop them from falling." She said as she tried wiping her own tears when he stopped her by doing it himself and cupped her face so that she would still look at him. "It's normal to cry. That's how you really feel. You're sad because of your sister's death. It's a sign that you deeply cared for her. I would be when one of the people I love dies in front of me. I will feel the same pain like yours if that happens. Anyway, I'm the only one here. Just cry it all out." And with that she did, still telling him the memories that haunted her. "Then the car accident. We were headed to the cemetery to visit her and show her my award that we both dreamt of receiving when suddenly our car started moving fast and my father didn't know how it happened. Everything was fast until I opened my eyes and I saw them beside me, arms around me, on the ground with blood flowing out of their bodies. I was trying to wake them up but it was no use. Then I saw someone, a familiar face at a near distant. I remembered asking for her help when she stabbed me right here." Gem said as she put her right hand over her abdomen when she felt it ache. Even though it's only a scar left, a sign that it healed already, she could still feel the pain, the knife the pierced through her skin and the blood that flowed out at a fast rate.

Red soothed her other hand to remind her that it's already over and there's nothing to be afraid of. He again took her right hand and then locked them with his. He gave her a gentle smile, another assurance that he's not going anywhere. "What's scared me was that, in every memory I have, I see Samantha, my sister stabbing me all over again. How could I do that to my own sister? How can my memories tell me that my sister is trying to kill me? She already died a long time ago. I can't help but feel guilty and afraid. I don't even understand it. Am I bad person, Red? Please tell me." She asked, looking broken. Red contemplated the things she's asking. He didn't also understand why she saw her sister stabbing her on her memories. He sighed. "Gem, you're not a bad person. I also don't know why you saw your sister in your memories when you know she already passed away before the accident happen. You did nothing wrong. If this makes you feel better, let's ask your parents. At least they would know something, right? What do you say?" He suggested.

She was hesitant because she doesn't want to tell them again. She doesn't want to remember it again. She was about to shake her head when he cupped her faced again. The warm feeling that she can't help but feel safe and sure, a feeling where she would be fine whenever she's near it and Red is showing her that she's not alone. "I will be the one to tell them. I'll be there with you when they ask you, just like I promise. I will always be there for you." Red said then kissed her on her forehead and engulfed her in his embrace. "Okay, I'll ask them if they're here on the weekends." Gem said looking up to him and they both smiled. Then he let go to wash the dishes as she relaxed for a while as she waited for him. She also has questions and she wants them to know if it won't be too much for him. It has been dragged too long it she wants to know everything from him than to her or anybody else. "Hey, I thought I said you don't have to wait for me. You can go to your room and sleep. It's a tiring day." He said after walking out of the kitchen where he saw her seated on their living room couch. She smiled at him and gestured for him to seat beside her.

Once seated, Red looked at her, waiting. He already has an idea why she's still here but he needs to hear the exact words before anything else. He is stalling, yes, but it still gives him enough time to recollect himself. A little time to think won't be too bad, right? "Can you tell me what happen between you and Marg? I know you both were in a relationship but I still want to know." Gem looked directly to his eyes, looking for something in his eyes, a sign of anger or anything that would lead him to hurt her but what she saw was the same eyes on their first meeting. His eyes are full of pain and sadness as if he could feel it all over again like she was. Just like he did, she took his hands in hers and soothed his hands for comfort and smiled gently at him to make him see that she's there like how he assured her.

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