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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 21

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"She was my secretary. A very clumsy and unorganized if you might think she's every secretary you know." He chuckled at the memory then looked at Gem who is also smiling. He was confused because instead of a fake smile, he is seeing a very nice smile on her lips as if she could also see Marg how he saw her at that time. It's a weird comparison but that how her actions explain it. Red continued. "But you know, even she's that clumsy and unorganized, she's confident and hard working. She wasn't good at anything in her first try but as time passed, she learned until she became perfect. That's how I fell for her. My heart would feel excited whenever she's near. At first I thought it was love and asked her out. Things went well from there until she became my girlfriend. The guys also liked her and treated her as one of their sister. We took her in when she suddenly showed up with bags. Her family threw her out of their house. The guest room that you stayed in was her room. I guessed you noticed?" Gem nodded.

He sighed. "I thought so. You wouldn't know her or have any idea about her if you didn't find things about her. I'm sorry for not telling." She shook her head and smiled. "It's alright. I didn't ask. I thought it was Rose who stayed with you since she's Mike's cousin but when I smelled it in Marg's, it just clicked like that." Red smiled at her then looked up front. "Our relationship was great but it didn't last long. Infinity Line started having problems. Ken can't see the source when most of our profits started going down and Jacob was having a hard time with his artists when their songs are being copied. As for Mike, his games started having bugs and that doesn't happen. Dan was furious because some of our investors backed out at the very last minute before the launching of our latest projects. Neil's designs were copied but because we have no idea it was plagiarized, we were accused of being one. It was total humiliation, if you ask me. I'm the CEO and I lost a lot of shareholders and even the trust of people for the company. So in order to make for everything, all of us started from scratch. My parents tried helping but I told them I can handle it. It's my responsibility. It was hard but we managed to overcome it."

"That's when I lost her. Marg was there helping me but I didn't give her credit for the things she had done. She made a lot of mistakes and trash all it out on her. Of course, she would eventually cheat on me and it still irks me whenever she's around. Who wouldn't? She cheated me on some girl. There are many guys out there and she picked a girl to cheat." Gem could feel his hands tremble from anger. At any moment he could hurt himself on how he tightens his hands. Then she kissed him softly on his forehead. It took Red by surprise. Her kiss was warm and tender and it helps him calm down instantly. Her ability is really unbelievable and even Marg didn't have it. "Just because she loves another girl that doesn't mean she's better than any guy. A heart loves regardless what gender a person is. You have to understand that Red." She said softly and wiped his tears away. That's when he realized that he's crying and this rarely happens. But for Gem, she loves seeing every different sides of her husband because this is a sign that they trust each other to let them see their weakness. "But why didn't she gave me a chance? Didn't I deserve one? I know I made a mistake but why didn't she waited and stayed with me?" He asked with every pain in each question.

This was his first to tell anyone what he really felt about their past relationship. Still wiping his tears away, Gem gently caressed his face and carefully kissed his eyes. Every kiss made his heart beat fast and even more so when he looked at her puffy eyes where he could see a lot of her emotions reflected on. And for the first time, Red realizes that she cares for him tenderly. "Everyone deserves a second chance. But she didn't give you that chance. Up until now, the pain you're feeling is because you haven't properly let her go, you haven't told her the things she needed to know. The two of you didn't end your relationship in a way you would move on. Why not try at fix it? Fix your break up the way both of you would accept and still be friends. That's better than always being mad every time you see her." Again, she smiled. Red didn't think of the possibility of talking to her again and trying straightening things out. Was that the solution he needed? Maybe he thought of it but his anger came immediately and instantly threw the idea out.

Then he smiled at her. "Will you be there? I know it's too much to ask but, would you be there to keep me calm?" He asked. The girl smiled lovingly at him making his heart beat much faster and this time or in any given moment he wouldn't be able to control it but it's already too late. He is already leaning closer, cautious whether he was allowed or not. Gem noticed the distance they have slowly getting smaller and before Red could touch her lips, she made the contact for a short while and answered. "I will and I'll make sure that everywhere you go, I'll be there if you needed me to." She smiled and kissed him again taking Red by surprise. Then he remembered what she said when they were at the mall. 'You may never know when I will give you that kiss so just watch out, 'kay?' He smiled then kissed his wife back with more tenderness and love. This is their first real kiss as a couple. Short and simple kisses are nice that made their hearts flutter and shy but this kiss they are sharing right now made their heart beat even faster to the point of exploding. They could each other's warm breaths and it's intoxicating them. They broke off when they needed some air after that heated kiss.

"I love you." Both said as the same time as they were leaning on each other's forehead. Surprised at their confession but laughed at how they say it at the same time. "I thought I was the only one." Gem said as tears started to fall from her eyes with a smile on her lips. "Why would you think of that?" Red asked chuckling as he wiped her tears. "Because I can't beat how Marg have impacted your life and heart. I was so afraid that one day, you would leave me behind. I can't see myself being left behind again but if you love her still, I would have let you go with a smile because that's what you wanted. Now that hearing your words, I can't help but feel happy. I'm so happy." Tears wouldn't stop flowing from her eyes as he felt crying as well. This girl in front of him felt very happy when he told her his feelings. He can't believe that she's been torn on how things will work out from their relationship. She would even sacrifice her own happiness if it means he'll be happy. "That's what I love about you. As long as everyone's happy, regardless of what you feel, it doesn't matter. But this time, I'll make you happy. It's time for someone to give the happiness you deserve. I'll try my best to make you feel loved, to make you happy and I'll try my best to lessen every pain you may feel in our relationship. And just like my promise, I'll be there for you, now and forever." Then he wrapped his arms around her into his warm embrace which she did the same.

It was a perfect day for both of them. Having fun, laughing and teasing are another way of knowing more of each other. Then night was even more perfect. Sharing what they feel about their past experiences, their fears and distractions, they managed to build the trust that they needed for their relationship. Without trust, they wouldn't be like this close right now. "We will make each other happy." She said making him chuckle and nodded. Happiness, not only one will receive but both of them. Both of them deserve it.

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