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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 22

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There wasn't any day that Red and Gem would forget to greet one another and would tell each other 'I love you'. Even at work, they would surprise their employees with sudden kisses on the forehead or on the cheek when they part to go to their separate rooms. The boys would even catch them do that and would eventually tease the guy much to Red's displeasure and Gem is not even safe with their playful antics but then again, they like how they progresses. Rose can't help but be happy for them and can't wait to share it to Erick and to the girl's brothers as well as their parents. They will surely love the good news. At least, it could relax their mind a little. It has been hectic ever since they met Margarette. At first, Rose despised the girl just like Dave and Mark is. Cole is a little civil when he approached her. But when they heard her side, her real intentions, it all changed. They pitied the girl. She was just broken and misunderstood. She was just doing that because she wants her partner to notice her, to feel the love from her. She knows it was wrong but Marg only wants to be loved. That's the only thing she wanted.

"Are you sure? Do you really want to do this?" Erick asked his best friend who just give him her confident smile. "Of course, I want to know more about what she's doing. And if giving you information about her and her real identity then I have nothing to lose right? Besides, I think I'm the perfect person to give Red a warning, don't you think?" Rose didn't understand what she meant by that but if her husband told her to trust her, and then she will. Marg has a plan and if Red is needed then it will be alright.

After all, Gem's life is on the line. He would do anything and everything to make sure she's safe.


It was Rose and Erick's first anniversary and they are going on a trip to celebrate it. Before they leave, they made a simple dinner party for their family, friends and relatives. Even Gem and Red's respective parents are there with the three brothers. It was packed and crowded in their small home but nonetheless, it was worth it. "I'm sorry if I have to leave my kids to you. We hadn't have time to be with each other and this is an opportunity we don't want to miss." Rose said as Erick handed some things to Red to put inside the car's trunk. "Hey, it's okay. I'll take care of them." Gem said as she knelt down to the twin's level and smiled at them. "Hi guys, do you want to stay with me and Tito Red for a while?" She asked them only for them to look up at their mother who gave them a nod. The twins smiled and hugged her making her fall down. Everyone who witnessed the cute gestures chuckled at them. "Do we have to worry about anything about them? Like allergies and some other things?" Red asked as he went back inside and helped his wife up while carrying Kristy up. "My children are very healthy and not picky eaters if that is what you're saying. They are energetic and playful but they're smart. They'll understand if you told them to stay in one place where you can both see them." Erick answered as he collects their things and then headed out to their own car to put their things inside their trunk. The two nodded and looked at the kids smiling at them who they smiled in return.

The four of them looked like a family. If you look closely that's when people will recognize that the twins are not theirs but nonetheless, at one look they look like a family. And because of that, some of their friends and family teased them a bit. "When will we get a grandchild, honey?" Lily asked Ray getting the attention of their daughter who blushed. "Ma, please..." She said making everyone laugh. Red looked embarrassed and looked away from his parents' playful smiles. He knows he'll be in hot seat soon, or sooner. "I think bro, it's already the right time to have one, don't you think?" Jacob said annoying his friend making the couple too embarrassed to even speak and not only that, both even blush at the comment. "Alright kids, give them some slack. At least taking care of the twins will give them some experience right? And besides, I don't think it won't be too long when that time comes." Luis added making Red sigh at his father's playful comment while the others laughed at them. He looked at his wife feeling a little embarrassed only making her look lovely and cute and can't help but kiss her. And he did, in front of everyone to see. "Relax. I won't force you if you're not ready." He said making the other smile while everyone in the room whistled and smile at their loving gestures. Then put his arms around her waist and looked at kids who are already playing beside them. "That's true my son in law. The mood needed to be set first right, honey?" Ray added making Gem blush even more as Red chuckle. "I just hope our baby girl can handle the fun." Lily added.

"Mama! Stop it." And then all around laughed at them. "I think I have to prepare for our grandchild's arrival, don't you think Lily. Oh gosh, I can't wait." Carla squealed even though it's not in her to be like that but who would deny the joy of having their first grandchild? It's their joy and they wanted it to be perfect when he or she arrived to the world. Just like that, things went well and the teasing hasn't stop until Rose and Erick left signaling for the party has ended. With a few tips here and there and last hugs for their kids, they set off as Red and Gem did to them and their family and friends. They may not be confident in taking care of the twins but together, they can work things out. Like Luis said, this is an experience that they will surely need when they have a child. When the time comes, they'll be ready.

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