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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 23

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After a long drive, they arrived home. When Gem looked back, she saw the twins already asleep where Kristy's head is placed on her brother's shoulder with Kris's head placed on top of hers. They looked cute. They resemble a lot from their parents and its adorable sight to see. "I'll call Mia and Kevin to help us." Red said as he went out of the car and called the two while she went out carefully and opened the back door. When she was about to carry Kristy, Red came out with Mia and Kevin and went to the driver's side back door to get Kris. He gave the boy to Kevin as Mia carefully took Kristy from Gem's arms when she managed to secure her. "Take them to Gem's former room. It's much cleaner there than mine was." Red said and watched the two go back inside then opened the trunk to carry the bags packed by their parents with Gem helping him. "Are you sure you can carry them? I can do this myself." He said as they enter their house. "I can. Don't worry. At least you wouldn't have to go back outside just to get the other bags. It's tiring that way. And I know you're tired so might as well help you so that both of us can get some sleep." She said as they entered the room where the kids still sleeping soundly on the bed. "We'll change their clothes so why not go and sleep. We'll handle everything from here." Mia said as Kevin took the bags from them. "Don't worry. Good night." Kevin said as the two smiled at them and left.

"You go and wash up first." Red said once they are inside of their room. Since their confession, they have been sleeping together but not as intimate as anyone would think. They would hug and kiss but only up until there. But tonight, the two looked too sensitive right now because of what they have talked about at the party. Gem felt tingly when he touched her back and ushered her to their bathroom. Not that he only touched her now but this time it's different. It's like she felt giddy and hot? She didn't know or even understand but whatever that is, Red felt the same thing. He couldn't stop his own desires from seeping in through his touch. He knows that she could feel it but he needs to control it. Gem might not be ready yet and it will damage her when it's forced. He doesn't want that to happen. Making love is about how you show the other that you love her in the most intimate and respectful as possible, not by forced. Messing his hair, Red didn't realize that he's been thinking too much again making him more sensitive and agitated.

When Gem went out of the bathroom looking fresh and annoyingly hotter, he can't control his needs anymore. When he looked at her, already dressed, he noticed that she's been standing too long. Worried that it may be another attack from her memories, he approached her and hugged her from behind getting her by surprise. "What's wrong? You've been staring for too long. Something wrong, hon?" He asked. That endearment made Gem smile and looked back at him still inside his warm embrace. "It's nothing hon. I'm just thinking." She said. "What are you thinking about?" Then she blushed making the other smirked. Gem noticed this and hit him playfully on his chest. "My honey is too cute." He said then kissed her again to make the point. Instead of a short and sweet kiss, it turned to something more seductive and hot that they didn't even realize the touches they are giving to one another. Without breaking the kiss, Red carried Gem and put her on the bed with him on top. At the process, their kiss broke much to their liking and looked at each other's eyes. Both realized that they've been controlling their desires. She could see in his eyes that he wanted her so badly but at the same time trying to control his own self to the point that he is about to turn when she wrapped her hands around his neck to lock him in place and smiled. Then Gem lifted her head to kiss him, surprising him and then Red responded taking the pleasure of getting his dominance. It was a pleasurable night for them as they made lovely sounds from their mouths and their bodies. Luckily, no one heard them. Having a sound proof room, no one was disturbed from their sleep during the couple's night of pleasure and love.


He woke up feeling the bed move from the other side. He saw his wife dressing up and smiled at the view. Last night was perfect. Red couldn't stop himself from smiling. He could still hear her beautiful sounds she made and the touch that made him feel lustful. The entire night was made of a lot of love making and he can't get enough. She, on the other hand, didn't notice him awake and getting closer until she felt him hugging from behind and his kiss on her neck that surprises her and made her craved for his touch. He turned her and kissed her. "Good morning honey." Gem smiled at the kiss. "Good morning to you too honey." He smiled and started dressing up. She watched him when she started turning red because of what they did. She didn't realize she could do that and can't believe that she wants more of it. "Checking me out huh, honey?" He said smirking when he looked at his wife who looked away with red tinted cheeks. He walked closer to her as she stepped back until she was cornered. "I know you want me honey. All you need is ask." Caressing her arms up to her chin then to her lips, he gets nearer when she cut the distance and kissed him.

At first it was slow and sweet until it becomes rougher and edgier to the point they both want more than just kiss. But only it was cut short when the twins barged in and started running around inside their room. "Sorry to barged in on your little time but the kids won't stop playing until the two of you would show up." Kevin said smirking at the two lovebirds as they get the two kids. "You could have just knock Kev." Red said as they walked out of the room. "And what? You won't open the door knowing you're about to do that." The other teased making Gem looked only at Kristy who kept on playing with her face not minding what the boys are talking about as she try to hide away the embarrassment but it didn't work. Her face clearly gave her away. "Breakfast is ready so please eat first before you do anything productive." Mia said once they have entered the dining room also not forgetting to tease the girl. "Mia! Stop teasing me." Gem playfully complained made the others chuckle as they set the kids on their seats. This is not their usual morning but they would prefer this type of happy and lovely morning than any other day.

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