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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 24

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"This better be good Red. You're disturbing me." Ken said. Waking up early on a weekend is not his thing. Sleeping in is what he needed after a stressful work during the weekdays. It's his reward for himself for working hard but here he is, talking to his inconsiderate boss and best friend as he drinks his coffee. "Being pissed off right now doesn't help you know." Jacob said trying to relax himself since Ken also woke everyone up prior to their bastard of a best bud's request. Dan and Neil are already seated around their dining table looking pissed and didn't hide that fact. At least their butler knows how to calm them down through food and their favorite drink every morning. As for their youngest friend, Mike looked like a walking zombie from his dark circles but tried to brighten the mood around them. He hasn't slept right for a week because of his new game. There was a little problem and he needed to fix it not expecting that it would make him a walking corpse. "Just chill guys. Maybe he needs something that's why he called us early in the morning. He knows us very well and weekend mornings are not our thing so let's just hear him out." He said drinking his coffee. The rest sighed and waited for Ken ended the call as they eat their breakfast.

"What?!" The others looked at him with his sudden outburst then sighed. "The bastard is meeting Marg today." Ken said making the other have the same expression as he was. "She called him and wants to have a chat him in person. He agrees only if Gem is with them and he asked us if we could come and keep her and the kids company. So what do you think?" He continued and looked at them. "I'll come." Mike said surprising them. He is the one not needed to come. He needed rest and whether they want to voice it out or not, they are worried for him. "What? I may be tired but Red wants us to be there. Not sure why he wants to meet her and I guess he needs us to be there." He explained while eating away when they heard Jacob sighed. "That's the two of us. I can't leave you alone now when any minute, you'll pass out. At least someone would be there in case that happens." "Hey!" The other three chuckled. "Then I guess I have to come. Someone has to stop the two of them when they start fighting." Dan said sipping through his coffee when the two protests like children.

"Oh well. This better be good because I'll have to spend my day with you and if this turns worst, I'll kill that shitty bastard." Neil said making Dan laugh trying to stop Jacob and Mike trying to mess with him. Ken smirked and texted Red. Well, Mike has a point anyway. He wouldn't call at this time of day knowing that all of them love to sleep in every weekend which means, he needs them to be there. Whatever reasons he has, it doesn't matter. Their bond is not as simple as friendship. Brotherhood is the best description they have as a group. Brothers have its deeper meaning than friends. And that's what made them stronger.


"Are you sure?" Helping Mia put on the twins clothes for today, Gem asked her husband from the door. "Yes honey. How many times do you want me to answer that until you're satisfied?" Red chuckled at his wife who pouted looked away, focusing on dressing Kristy and Kris and she didn't noticed Mia giggling at them. "I'm just asking. What's wrong with that, honey?" She asked then hand Mia some of the things needed for their trip to the park. "I'll get the kids so you two can start preparing for today. Kevin and I will watch them for a while." Mia said trying to stop herself from giggling and held the twins hands as they walked carefully out of the room. Once the door was closed, Red looked at Gem who still in her tantrum moment and walked towards their room. He softly chuckled and followed her. It's cute to be honest. He hasn't seen Gem like this, except when they bicker but then he loves seeing her like this, cute and childish. "Why are so anxious? She asked to meet me so I agreed only if you are there. She agreed so there's nothing to be worried about." He said hugging her from behind and kissed her neck that made her tremble a bit. He knows that she liked it. "The boys will be there as well. You won't feel alone. I'm sorry for teasing." He said and smiled then he turned her around to face her only to see her smiling softly at him. "I'm not that mad hon. At least you could clear things with her. It's a good opportunity for the both you. I'm a little worried for you but I know you'll be fine. Just like you said, the boys are there so I won't feel alone and I have people to help me with the twins." She said softly laughed then hugged him.

After that, Red kissed Gem gently, waiting for her to respond with his advances. When they are in synced, he turned the simple kiss to an edgier and rougher kiss making her moan in delight. "Let's make this quick inside the bathroom. I can't control myself anymore. You always know how to turn me on." Then he kissed him again as he lead her inside their bathroom. "Can't help it. I'm too hot for you." She smirked turning him on a lot more. This is a new side from Gem. She can be as innocent as a child but whenever things get way hot, she could be a seductress in a very lustful way and only he made her that. It was not even after twenty four hours and they start making love yet again but that didn't mind. They can't stop themselves craving for each other's touch and they both know it will never satisfy them enough to know when to stop.

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