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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 25

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"The f-" "Don't. We have kids around." Jacob covered Ken's mouth before he could finish. Cursing where kids could hear is a bad call. They could copy them and it's not good to hear them cursing. Ken roughly removed his hand and looked at the couple. "You took your time. Are you that busy? You should have told us." He said making Gem blushed all over her face as Red smiled shyly at them. The boys laughed. "Well, that's the first time seeing him like that. At least I didn't regret coming." Mike said carrying Kristy in his arms. The latter looked at the other and raised an eyebrow. "He hasn't had a restful sleep the whole week because of the game he's working on." Dan said. "Apparently, something came up when he was about to report it to you. I think it's something big that it took him a week to solve it." Jacob added and smiled at him. "He should be sleeping. Are you sure he'll be okay?" Gem asked worried for the guy. She knows the feeling of not fully rested and it always leads to trouble, health wise. "He's fine. That's why we're here in case he suddenly faint on us. Also, we already know what to do when such cases happened. He and Ken usually do that so no worries." Neil explained earning a smack from the head from Ken and a shout from Mike. "That's not necessary bro. Shut up." Ken hissed as the others smiled.

As they wait for someone to arrive, Jacob and Mike played with Kris who keeps running around. Who would have thought that the kid has a lot of energy? Not even a normal kid has it and as for Kristy, Dan and Neil kept her company as she play on the mat that is laid on the ground with Gem smiling and laughing with whatever the two guys are saying. "Something's wrong with Marg? What are you talking about?" Ken asked not loud enough for anyone of them to hear or even Gem for that matter. "Her voice, it sounded troubled and hurried. Not her usual one." Red said looking at his wife and smiled. "I'm guessing that Gem has no idea about this. What are you planning?" "Answers. She's been giving us problems and some closure. I think we both needed that." The latter sighed. "It's your fault to begin with. You didn't even let the girl explain while you let your temper get the better of you. Remind me next time why I am your friend." Red laughed at that making the other sigh again.

"I didn't know that you brought the whole gang. That's unfair of you Red." The two looked behind to see Marg walking towards them with her usual confident strides. The others also heard her and looked as well. Gem, on the other hand, smiled sweetly at her and greeted her. "Hi." She stopped walking and looked at her with her genuine and sweet smile that everyone knew well. This is the first time she smiled like this. It wasn't even a fake, judgmental smirk that would always be on her lips. And she spoke in a very gentle and happy one like the way she usually is when she's meeting with a friend, and again, Red knows something is really happening. "Hello Gem, it's good to see you."


Watching her like this, he noticed a lot of changes in her. Marg is known to be a beautiful woman. Her confidence in her eyes is her charm. Independence made her unique from all the girls around. That's her distinctive trait and her weakness. Right now, she looks tired and lonely but her smile doesn't give her way. She smiles too happy as if she already given up on something. "It was here where everything happens." She looked at him still have that smile, a smile he couldn't understand what it means. "I did that because I love her so much, just like I did to you. I did everything for you and your company but it was not perfect and it always ruined you. I did my best but I guess it wasn't good enough for you." She continued.

"She came in and became my strength. She appreciated my efforts and showed me what it feels to be loved regardless if I fail. She was there every step of my failures, she was there supporting me every single time that not even you can. So I did that to get my revenge. I created those issues about you but I didn't destroy your company. I want you to suffer so much like how you made me feel when you keep embarrassing me in front of your friends. And I did. I cheated on you with a girl. Samantha told me that it will make my heart feel better and it did, for a short time that is." Red looked at her confused. "What do you mean?"

She smiled. "It didn't feel better. My heart feels worst. Every time I hear issues about Infinity Line and their CEO about the issues I made, you become a laughing stock. People didn't even give a glance at the games Mike created, artists under and even the designs Neil made. It made me guilty. Then things started to get better." "How did you know this? Were you watching us the whole time?" He asked frustrated about hearing her know a lot of things about them, the company, his friends and him. No one was supposed to know what they did to get back up and here she is, telling him everything in detail.

"I was watching you every step of the way. I tried helping in my own ways, silently. Giving hints through Ken's accounts, researching more for you and your company, I was always there to get you back up. Even for just a little, I wanted to help you just to remove the guilt I'm feeling. Until, the day came when you didn't needed me and I was happy enough to forget everything and to start moving on."

"But, Sammy found out about it and started messing with me heart. She told me to get in between you and Gem because I did something to help you get where you are now. I deserve to be in her place not her. If I follow her orders, she would give everything I wanted from her. I never wanted to be in between, I'm not like that. You know how selfish I am. I want the person I love will only love me and no one else. I want that person to have my attention. But because she never gave me that, I agreed. I wanted her attention and love just like how she did back then."

Tears started to fall from her eyes as she wiped them gently. Red handed her a handkerchief but she declined. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I made you feel like that. I was too focused on the company that mistakes were not an option. I blamed everything on you more and never noticed the things you've done for me and the company. Also, thank you for helping me until the end." Marg was taken by surprise when she heard him thanking her and smiling at her with such gentle eyes.

"I was never the type to understand anyone. I never understood you but I know you. Then there's that girl, understanding every situation she's is in and would do anything just to make things better. She would even help me get out of our arranged marriage so that I can still do my own thing. Being selfless was her second nature. She can't even hate you because you were a part of my life and she understands you more than I do. So here I am, trying to understand you for the first time and it's tiring." He chuckled making the other smile. It's refreshing to see him laugh like that. Marg felt envious but she didn't feel destroying this kind of change. She looked at Gem who kept on smiling and laughing with the boys and the twins as they play around. "My wife told me to understand you and I get it. And I guess we're even." She looked at him and saw him smiling with his arms wide open.

What surprises her was that, he hugged her. It's felt warm and safe in a friendly manner. She was happy. She could also feel Gem hugging her. Then, she noticed her, looking at her smiling genuinely at her. Because of this, she would never let anything harm them.

"Are you willing to do everything for her?" Red looked at the girl confused to her question once she broke the hug. "What?" Marg sighed. "Just answer. Yes or no?" She looked determined and persistent. Still confused, but he answered her with assurance.


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