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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 26

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No one noticed that Marg had already left and also, the confusion Red is feeling right now. The way she explained is too real to believe. What is also unbelievable was that she let him record her. Then, as he was walking to them, Ken looked at him then left saying he needs to call the person back and distance himself from the rest. He then looked at Gem who looked confused at him and looked behind noticing that the other person is not around anymore. "Where's Marg?" She asked watching him sat down beside her and put an arm around her waist to pull her gently beside him. "She left already. She was in a hurry and she was sorry for not saying good bye." He said smiling at her. "That took you long. So what's next?" Mike asked when he was suddenly tackled by Kris and Kristy. Then the twins started running away with Mike chasing after them. "I was planning on checking our new amusement park. Today's the grand opening so why not?" Red suggested loud enough for their running friend to hear. As if you can see his ears perked up, he looked back with the two kids in each of his arms, he smiled widely. "Please tell me he's not joking?" Ken asked returning from a phone call. "No, he's not." Neil said smiling at him when he sighed.

Clearly, he doesn't like where his weekend is going. "The little monkey like the idea so let it go." Jacob said putting his arms around his shoulder with a smirked on his lips as the latter sigh. "At least we could check the place. A little fun time can do us some good, so don't be a killjoy now." Dan added making everyone laughed. "Since when did I ruin your fun?" Gem laughed at them teasing and annoying Ken as they head to their respective cars. Today will be an exciting fun day for them and no one will ruin the moment.


"Mik." Kristy said pointing at her bottle. "Mik!" Kris added copying her sisters' action and then again like a broken record. And it is making her lose her mind with their constant begging but nonetheless she smiled timidly. "Okay guys." Gem sighed as she fixed them a bottle each and laying them gently on her lap on both side while getting her comfortable on the bench. Having a hand over the kids, tapping in slow gentle rhythm, she looked at the boys who look like having a competition on who shoots more. She sigh. Boys would always be boys regardless of how old they are. She giggled silently and then looked around.

They arrived in the amusement park. Surprisingly, it is packed considering it is the first day of business. The staffs are stunned to see the owners but seeing all the guests came and having fun with every ride, made the boys even prouder. The boys have done an excellent job. They outdone their selves this time and it's worth it. Once they step inside, the kids won't stop pestering the boys to go on every ride they spotted and she can't believe how one year old kids could be so hard headed. Just like their mother. She sighed on that thought and looked down to see the twins already asleep with their bottles empty. She chuckled at the sight. Just like their father. Good thing she brought her camera today. She didn't know why she brought it in the first place but at least she did. All of the things they had done were all taken and she can't wait for it to be developed. Like what they say, taking a picture can make a memory last a lifetime. And she wants it to last a lifetime.

"Hon, are you thinking of something?" Gem looked up to see Red smiling at her. "Nothing, who won anyway honey?" She asked watching him placing the kids on their respective strollers. When he looked up to her, he smirked with an arched eyebrow. "Seriously, you're asking me that?" She laughed as they put their things under the stroller then walked towards the others. "Do I look like I know? I wasn't there in the first place you know." She tilted her head and innocently looked at him, teasing the guy only making him pout. For him to pout is not so manly but cute. Him, looking cute was never new but he has done it a lot of times and it really is a sight to see. She chuckled. "Okay, I know you won. I'll just have to change my question to 'how you won?' Better?" And then, as if he's ego has risen from the slumps, he smirked too cool and answers my question in every detail. With his friends intervening every now and then and it is the hilarious sight to see as they tell their own versions. It still found it weird how the kids could still sleep soundly when they are too loud to begin with. Gem just shook her head as they walked back to their cars. The sun is about to set which means it's almost dinner time. Time flies when you're having fun and when taking care of two kids with also six childish men who needed a watch over but it's all fun. Everyone had fun and that all anyone would ask for.

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