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Will Love Find Me?


Will Love Find Me?

Chapter 27

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"Gem is in danger." "If this is a sick joke you better stop it right now." "Why would I joke something like this? I may be a bad person right now in your eyes but joking about one's life is not something to play around. I'm not that a bad person Red." "For now, this is what I can tell since this is only the information I have. Your parents know about this and even hers as well. Heck, even her brothers as well as Rose and Erick knows this so if you want more questions on what is going on, ask them. But right now, hear me out." "Sammy is out to get her. I'm not sure why and I'm still finding that out. She knows a lot about the Javier's more than any investigator there is. Even Gem's case when she was young. It's disturbing and when I ask your family, they instantly ask me to watch and observe her. I may love her but the way she is right now is very worrisome. Her emotions are in a wreck. I'm sure she needs help but I can't approach her not getting hit in return. I can't even go to work because she suddenly thinks I'm leaving her behind and would hit me. I can't even tell it to anyone because she would only hit me more. Erick would be there to help me and Rose but this time, I'm not sure if I can prolong my acting and the lies she would buy this long so I'm asking you to protect your wife. She's in danger. Please. Protect her."

The room fell silent. Not one could comprehend everything. Who would? Even Red couldn't even understand it, what more of his friends who just managed to see on Ken's phone. "And you're not telling us about this? I'm hurt. I thought we have something special bro." Dan said, placing his right hand over his heart and bending down faking the pain from his face. "Shut the f*ck up. You're giving me goosebumps." Ken said trying to soothe his arms from it. The others snickered at him. "That's what you get for hiding so now, spill. What is this all about?" Jacob said holding Ken's phone for him to get the point. The latter sighed. "It is not my place to say. I'm confused as you all are." He explained but not enough for them. "You're not even telling." Jacob said then looked at Neil and Mike.

When Ken looked at them, he saw his precious laptop sitting on the table and noticed his two friends holding a huge basin of water near it. His eyes widen and looked back at Jacob who smirked at him. "I did warn you bro. Dan was your first and since you won't comply, we have to do drastic measures. So we have to sacrifice your precious baby here. Are you sure you won't speak?" He asked again. Ken looked at his laptop still contemplating on telling or not but his precious is being sacrificed. He can't believe he is being threatened like this and usually he's the one doing this. "Still not talking? Alright then." Jacob then signaled the two to do it and that short time, Ken literally jumped towards them resulting to two drenched boys and a dry and safe laptop. "Bro! For a laptop? Really?" Neil said getting up. Then Mike sneezed the moment Dan gives him a towel.

"Who told you to mess with my things especially my laptop? Sheesh. Red had a bad feeling when Marg called and asked to have a talk and even agreed for us to be there. It's weird if you ask me but this time he felt something was wrong with her and we witness how she smiles at Gem. That's not how she usually smiles to a love rival. Girls are not like that but there she is smiling like old friends. Now that leads us back to the recording. Marg is asking for help. And clearly all the help she can get. Gem is in trouble. I don't know why and clearly her girlfriend has something to do with it. The only thing to get things clear is to ask their family, if we are allowed to. Satisfied?" The others fell silent until Mike sneezed again breaking the silent. "You really love your laptop more than anything." He said making the rest laugh as Ken groaned in defeat. His friends can really kill him. But, when other drastic measures are to be made, he would sacrifice anything for his friends' safety. Whatever that may be, he will protect them. A mere laptop is just a cover to something bigger and stronger.

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